15 Foods to Help Reduce Hangover Symptoms

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Ok, too much fun and games last night has translated this morning into a killer hangover. Although it’s best to not overindulge in the first place but once it’s happened all you want to do I to stop those awful hangover symptoms.

If you are going to drink alcohol at a party, be sure you have a full stomach. This will slow the absorption of alcohol into your system. So before the party, if you don’t think they are going to be serving food, eat before you go. If they have food at the party, be sure to eat.

Having said that, let’s get right to the list of foods that you can choose from to replace those nutrients that your body has lost as well as fight the toxins you put in it the night before.


1. Eggs

It’s the return of the incredible, edible egg, destroyer of toxins!

Eggs contain an amino acid which can help your body break down toxins. They are also high in vitamin B, which can help minimize hangover symptoms.

These are usually a good choice because even if your stomach is queasy, most people find they can keep down a couple of eggs.


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2. Coffee

The most popular of all hangover cures.

Ok, so it’s not much of a “cure”, but it’s sure to be a good pick me up when you need it most.

If you are used to drinking coffee in the morning, what you don’t want is a lack of caffeine headache combined with a hangover headache.

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3. Tomato Juice

This is a great hangover cure. While you were busy pouring alcohol into your body, your liver was busy trying to process it all.

In the meantime, your blood sugar levels have fallen, which means you feel weak, and lethargic.

A glass of tomato juice has enough of those simple sugars your body needs to get your levels back up to nominal levels.

So, get yourself a virgin Bloody Mary and you should be feeling better pretty quickly.

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4. Bacon

These top 4 items sound like the breakfast of champions, doesn’t it? Well, at least they will make a great breakfast when you have a hangover!

Bacon can be your best friend when you are suffering from hangover symptoms.

The grease and fat in bacon, while not good for your health, it is good for you hangover.

The grease and fat will help your body soak up all that excess alcohol.

Chicken Soup

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5. Chicken Noodle Soup

Maybe you can get your mother to make some for you.

Although almost any soup is good for a hangover, chicken soup is the best of the bunch.

Your stomach should be able to handle this, and the broth will help with your dehydration.

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6. Coconut Water

Alcohol seems to have a love affair with water.

It sucks up any and all water sources it can find, leaving your brain and body super dehydrated.

Although sports drinks do contain some electrolytes, they have many other things that your body doesn’t really need.

Coconut water is low in sugars and has just as many electrolytes as sports drinks.


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7. Bananas

Ever wonder why it is that when you have been drinking you have to pee more than usual?

It’s not just all those shots you were downing, it’s because alcohol binds with water and draws water to itself, draining your body of fluids and potassium. Shaking and weak muscles are a sure sign of a potassium deficiency.

Bananas are another one of those foods that are easy on the stomach, and eating a couple of these will boost your potassium levels right back to normal levels.

Read also why bananas are cancer causing foods substitutes.

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8. Apple Sauce

Apple sauce is a great source of simple sugars your body is craving when you are hung over.

This will give you a little boost of energy, not to mention, applesauce is easy on the digestive system.

If you find you can’t keep anything else down, try a little apple sauce.

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9. Oatmeal

Besides being healthy and good for your body, oatmeal is another food that many people find they can keep down when other foods fail them.

Try making some with a little added honey and fruit, for energy and to help raise those blood sugar levels.

Brown Rice

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10. Rice

If you find some leftover rice from the night before, you might try eating some of this when you are hung over.

Rice is yet another, food that is easy on the stomach.

Rice is a complex carbohydrate that is a wonderful source of iron.

Try a bowl of rice and milk, mixed with a bit of honey and a cut up banana for a treat that is sure to help with many of your hang over symptoms.

French Fries the ultimate Fast Food Snack of the masses

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11. French Fries

Ok, so this isn’t the healthiest choice but neither was drinking all night.

Like bacon, the grease from French fries will help absorb any alcohol that is still in your system.

Hot or cold, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that, if you can keep them down, French fries should help your hangover.

Kiwi Fruits

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12. Kiwi Fruit

These little green jewels are great for hangovers because they have vitamin C, and potassium, something your body is sorely lacking after a night of drinking.

Kiwi fruit are easy on the stomach and they are high in phosphorus, which can help your body convert food into some much needed energy.

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13. Smoothies

Any fruit is good for you at this point, and if you can’t keep any of them down, then try making a smoothie ( or convince someone to make one for you) and drink your fruit instead.

It is also a great coffeee alternative.


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14.  Asparagus

A study done in Korea showed that asparagus contains enzymes that actually break down alcohol.

Now true, this study was done on those who ate asparagus before they drank, some scientists believe that that eating a serving or two afterwards can still help.

Fresh Ginger Root

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15. Ginger

If you wake up and the room is still spinning, making you oh so nauseous, then this is the time to say hello to ginger.

Even a small dose of ginger can help kick start your digestive system, and ease the bloating, gas, indigestion, even help stop vomiting. Read how to cure cold with ginger.

If you really don’t like the taste of ginger, there are capsules.

Take two every hour with a full glass of water. Eat something first, however, and there’s a list above you can choose from.