15 Healthy Foods That Taste Way Better Than Junk Food

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Many people believe that in order to eat a healthy diet, they must sacrifice really good flavor.  However, if you have ever eaten a homegrown peach, tomato, or strawberries, then you already know that this isn’t true.

Most fast foods and junk foods only imitate that flavor of real food. Those artificial flavors are meant to trick you into thinking that what you are eating is natural. Without these added synthetic flavors, junk foods would taste like cardboard.

One of the things that junk food manufacturers do is to find very distinct flavors that are so overwhelming to the brain that it will vividly remember that flavor and ask for more. It’s something like watching a movie on a 60-inch wide screen high definition television. It kind of knocks that little 12-inch television in your bedroom out of the ballpark, doesn’t it?

But bigger isn’t necessarily better, and food makers know this, too. This is why they make complex formulas as well, with flavors and ingredients (such as sugar) that ping those pleasure centers in the brain and have you coming back for more. This is why many people believe that junk foods taste better than natural foods. You might call that a successful scientific experiment.

Well, if you don’t want to be someone’s scientific experiment, then pay attention. Natural foods taste naturally good all by themselves. Mother Nature designed her foods that way for a reason: so we would eat more of them. Although the food industry would like to think that their synthetic foods are better than nature, the truth is, they aren’t.

In fact, there are dozens of natural, whole foods that taste way better than any synthetic, artificially made flavor. We picked out 15 of the best for you to try. We bet you will agree that these delightfully flavorful foods from the earth are far superior to anything that man has created.

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