15 Herbs that Boost Lung Health


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6. Chaparral

Native to the southwestern area of the United States, Native Americans also used this for support of the respiratory system and detoxification of the lungs. This plant has very powerful antioxidants that resist irritation and is a natural antihistamine. Chaparral also fights harmful organisms while inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. Chaparral tea is a good expectorant.


7. Cannabis

Inhaling the essential oils of cannabis (yes, we are talking about marijuana) from an unprocessed plant clears out the irritation of the lungs that comes from smoking. This is perhaps one of the most powerful anti-cancer plants you will find anywhere in the world. Vaporizing cannabis stimulates your body’s natural immune response. It also reduces the ability of infection to continue to spread. When cannabis is vaporized it’s most effective at opening up the bronchial tubes and can not only treat asthma, but actually can reverse it.


8. Osha Root

The roots of this plant contain camphor which makes it one of the best for lung support. This plant is native to the Rocky Mountain area and was another plant used by Native Americans. Osha root is used to increase the circulation to the lungs so you can take deep breaths.


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9. Oregano

You may have heard that oregano has vital nutrients that are needed by your immune system but did you know that oregano also has decongestants and histamine reducers that have super positive effect on your respiratory system.  The oil from oregano also fights off staph bacteria. In fact, oregano oil has so many health benefits that you should keep a bottle of it in your medicine chest!


10. Thyme

Thyme has powerful antiseptic elements that make it excellent at fighting chest congestion. Thyme is also well known for its ability to kill off acne much better than any prescription you can buy, whether it’s gel, lotion, or cream. Tea made from thyme leaves can kill both bacteria and viruses so no matter what type of infection you have, this will work. This herb has been used to help those with lung or breathing problems since forever and is still used today.

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