15 Ways To Stay Alert And Energized Without Caffeine Or Stimulants

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So much of what we do on a regular basis is either fully automated or a boring routine. Our motto has become “work hard, play hard.” This is all well and good, but what if you do it in the reverse order? You may have one of those days that requires your full attention, but then you had an evening that took up a lot of your energy having fun. You may have eaten too much or had one too many cocktails or beers before leaving the party.

You stayed up too late or couldn’t get to bed all night. What do you do in the morning to get yourself ready to be your best at work at whatever you need to do that requires your full attention? Most people reach for as many cups of coffee as they think they can consume, but that may just make you extra jittery and aggravated. Popping a pill also isn’t ideal. It comes with its side effects that can cause you to become dizzy, nauseous, or addicted to stimulants.

Here are 15 ways that you can get yourself back on track naturally. Go through these ideas and select the ones that might work best to get you energized and ready to go quickly and easily, but most importantly do it without any extra caffeine or unnecessary stimulants.


1. Start off with a good breakfast

Begin your day with a heathy breakfast. Instead of pancakes or sausage which could slow you down, choose wholegrain bread, yogurt, and fruit. Peanut butter on toast will give you protein and energy more so than coffee and a donut.


2. Surround yourself with plenty of light

It has been proven that when you are more exposed to sunlight the cells of your body will synthesize vitamin D. It is also a fact that if you surround yourself with plenty of light you will be much more alert naturally.


3. Rest your eyes

If your eyes feel tired you can correct that right away by resting them for a few minutes. Close them and just sit quietly to let them relax. You can also do a few eye exercises if you want to recharge them. Open your eyes as wide as you can then practice looking from side to side as far as you can to bring more circulation to your eyes.

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