15 Ways To Stay Alert And Energized Without Caffeine Or Stimulants

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4. Drink plenty of water

Whatever you do, instead of grabbing a sugary soft drink, grab a cold refreshing water to better hydrate yourself. If you have spent the night drinking alcohol you could probably be dehydrated. Even the smallest loss of fluids can make you tired and irritable.


5. Eat foods that are full of energy

Instead of chips or cookies from the vending machine, change it up a bit and have nuts, fresh fruits, and even cheese for more energy. Junk food will cause you to be even more sluggish where an apple or an orange will leave you energized.


6. Play upbeat music

If you are tired and want to get some rest, listen to classical music or something that is soothing. However, you can be instantly revived if you find a song that has a great beat that even makes you feel like dancing.


7. Take a stretch break

You don’t have to become a master yogi, just a few simple stretches can help revive you in a hurry. Bend over from the waist and try to touch your toes, twist around back and forth from your waist, and raise your arms over your head to stretch out your body.


8. Start a small project

Sometimes you can’t wait until you feel like doing something, you just have to start doing it and your initiative will take over. Look for a small project that you can begin and complete in a short period of time. The sense of accomplishment will make you feel happy and eager to start more projects.

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