18 Tips For Successful Weight Loss (The Last One Is the Wisest!)

Digital scales with woman feet on them and sign"OMG!" surrounded by christmas decorations sweets and alcohol. Demonstrates consequences of surfeit and eating unhealthy food during Christmas holidays.

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No matter what time of the year is now, it seems that we are always worrying about our weight. Portions are getting larger, food has become an all-you-can-eat pastime, and every other commercial features cheap fast food.

How do we get off the weight loss roller coaster? There are a number of things you can do to get yourself back on the straight and narrow, still be able to enjoy the foods we like and even splurge from time-to-time. Here are some tips that have been proven to give you a successful plan to help get your weight under control once and for all.


1. Figure out the weight that you have felt the best at in the past.

Once you know the difference in pounds between what you currently weigh and where you would like to be you will have a goal to work with. A good base to start with is trying to lose 2 pounds a week. Don’t be discouraged; even if you need to lose 50 pounds dropping just one pound a week for a year will result in a reduction of 52 pounds.

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