18 Tips For Successful Weight Loss (The Last One Is the Wisest!)

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2. Decide on the type of weight loss program you are most comfortable with.

Don’t worry about eliminating any one food group from your diet. When you force that procedure on yourself you just set yourself up for failure. Going without your favorite food just will make you crave it until you fall off the wagon and binge your way into a weight gain.


3. Write down everything you eat.

The same goes for eating. If you really want to see why you are not losing weight, try writing down everything you put into your mouth. You will be very surprised at how quickly a bite of this and a small taste of that can add up.


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4. Cut down on watching television by one hour each day.

This tip will help you in two ways – cut out one thing you do that doesn’t require any action at all while increasing your activity level. This will raise your circulation as well as increase your metabolism.


5. Add green tea to your beverages.

When you are adding more fluids to your daily regime, you should make one glass green tea. This fluid is full of antioxidants and helps to burn fat.


6. Start off your day with a breakfast that includes protein.

You should never skip breakfast, but always make sure that you include protein in your first meal of the day. It has been proven that if you have a full breakfast that includes protein you will not be as hungry for lunch and less likely to overeat.


7. Drink plenty of fluids.

Even though you may think you drink plenty of fluids try keeping track every time you finish an 8-ounce glass of water. Try to aim for 8 8-ounce glasses of water each day.

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