20 Things You Never Knew About “Down There”

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2.  Abnormal Bleeding

This is one of the possible signs of cervical cancer, especially after menopause — bleeding that occurs between periods or after intercourse.


3. A speculum

Believe it or not, the tool that doctors use to look at vaginas, called a speculum, has been used since at least 1300 BC!


4.  Unusual Discharge

Although some types of unusual discharges occur because of vaginosis, yeast infections, or menopause, it is sometimes a sign of cervical cancer. This should be investigated by your doctor.


5. Bacterial Balance

The vagina is a treasure chest of bacteria. In fact, some of the good bacteria that is found in vaginas is the same type that is found in yogurt, which is why eating yogurt can restore the natural bacterial balance.


6. Pain or Discomfort

If you feel pain or discomfort while you are urinating, this could be a sign of cervical cancer. This is because cervical cancer often spreads to the bladder. Of course, this could also be a sign of a urinary tract infection. The source of your pain should be investigated by your doctor.


7. ‘Umbrella’

The walls of the vagina are pleated, like an umbrella, and they open up much the same way during intercourse or when giving birth. You will never look at umbrellas the same way again.

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