20 Top Foods To Protect You From Cancer (You Knew About #15, Right?)


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You have probably heard this over and over again; what we eat can either cause cancer or prevent cancer. Top cancer experts have determined which foods we need to avoid but, thankfully, they have also identified for us which foods will protect us from cancer.

The relationship between diet and cancer has been proven over and over in many studies. Are you interested in knowing which top 20 foods scientists have identified as being the best ones to prevent cancer?

In this article, you will discover which foods and key nutrients are proven to lower your risk of cancer. Add more of these foods to your grocery list each week and throw your worries about cancer out the window.


1. Whole Grains

You might have read recently that the federal government revised their nutrition guidelines recently, which recommended that Americans cut their grain consumption to half of what used to be considered healthy. This includes grains like rice. Whole grains deliver plenty of cancer fighting, immune improving fiber. Diets high in fiber have been shown to greatly cut the risk of colorectal cancer. Whole grains also offer other types of cancer fighting substances such as lignans, which work in the body like antioxidants as well as saponins, which stop cancer cells from multiplying.

Look for items that say “100 percent whole wheat;” not just “wheat” bread. For extra cancer fighting protection, choose a whole wheat or whole grain bread that is sprinkled with flax or sesame seeds. When choosing pasta or rice, try brown rice or whole wheat pasta, rather than the nutrient-stripped “white” versions. Don’t be fooled by sugary cereals that state they contain whole grains, however. Most cereals might have started as whole grain, but they are super processed until they are nothing more than white flour in the end.

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