25 Absolutely Disgusting Things That Are Actually Good For You!

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Germs, certain types of food, sucking bugs — everyone has their own idea about what constitutes the grossest things on earth. But no matter how gross we might find them, some things are actually good for you.

We had a little fun making a list of 25 of the most disgusting things around that are actually good for you in one way or another.

This list is not for the faint of heart! If you get nauseous easily, or if you are about to eat lunch, you might want to save this article for another time.


1. Horse Urine

Got hot flashes? Night sweats? If you are going through menopause, then you have either tried, or you have at least considered, HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy. These treatments, as you might know, contain female hormones, but do you know where these replacement hormones come from? Although they do come from different sources, the most common source of these replacement hormones are from pregnant horses.


2. Vomit

You must know that vomit is a good thing. When you vomit, your body is purging itself of what it considers to be dangerous or potentially dangerous substances.  Everything from the overconsumption of alcohol to plain old food poisoning is your body’s way of protecting you from the bad stuff. So next time you drive the porcelain bus, try to be a little more grateful.


3. Durian Fruit

You may not have even heard of this type of fruit, but if you ever get the chance to do so, you will never forget the experience. Durian fruit has a hard, spiky shell, and once you crack it open, it will blast you with a smell that makes most people vomit. Some have compared the smell to rotten manure; others have said it smells like the worst baby diaper ever. Regardless, you get the picture. However, people have said that if you can get past the smell, if you hold your nose and take a bite, it tastes heavenly. Durian fruit is also packed with vitamins, minerals, and potassium.


4.  Maggots

Of course you aren’t meant to eat them, but in 2004, the FDA approved the use of maggot therapy for healing wounds. Now, no one goes out to road kill to go pluck maggots for use on their wounds; however, specially “grown” sterile maggots are produced for hospital use. Maggots only eat dead tissue, not living tissue, so they can cleanly remove dead tissue without harming the living.


5. Cod Liver Oil

If your grandmother ever forced you to take this stuff, then you might know how disgusting it can taste. As the name implies, this oil comes from the liver of fish, and as disgusting as it might sound, the health benefits it has to offer cannot be ignored. Take cod liver oil as a supplement before bed, and you can skip out on those fishy burps and the ugly taste.

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