25 Absolutely Disgusting Things That Are Actually Good For You!

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

6. Crawling Bugs On Your Skin

You can’t see them unless you aim a microscope on your skin, but they are there. Tiny bits of bacteria and germs are walking around on your skin, removing dead skin cells. Some of them, especially staphylococcus epidermidis, help to prevent really dangerous bacteria from making your skin its home. If you sit really quietly, you can feel them crawling around. (Just kidding – we are only having a bit of fun!)


7.  Eye Crunchies

You know that stuff that collects on the corners of your eyes while you sleep? Yeah, that stuff. During daylight hours, our tears drain into the tear duct and down into the nose. Blinking is what forces those tears downwards. At night, since you don’t blink, your tears start to collect at the corners of your eyes, and they dry. These are a sign that you are healthy, and your tear ducts work well. Unless those crunchies are green — then see a doctor because that is a sign of infection.


8.  Fish What?!

Fish testicles with semen, also called shirako, are often used in Japanese soups and sushi for their high levels of omega-3s. Why haven’t you seen them? Male fish keep their family jewels inside their bodies.


9. Ear Wax

Gross, but an essential part of the body. Ear wax keeps the tubes inside the ears lubricated and traps dust and germs. When you get too much wax, your body simply pushes it outside the ear canal, and you find it in all its glory.


10.  Mucus

Mucus: The polite term for snot. This product is a gift from your nose — a true gift, as it traps all types of intruders from entering your body through the nose. This includes lovely things such as pollution, ashes, sand, dust, pollen, and even tiny pieces of metal! Some of these things irritate our nose, which leads to that annoying, but healthy, runny nose or postnasal drip.

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