25 Absolutely Disgusting Things That Are Actually Good For You!

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Germs, certain types of food, sucking bugs — everyone has their own idea about what constitutes the grossest things on earth. But no matter how gross we might find them, some things are actually good for you.

We had a little fun making a list of 25 of the most disgusting things around that are actually good for you in one way or another.

This list is not for the faint of heart! If you get nauseous easily, or if you are about to eat lunch, you might want to save this article for another time.


1. Horse Urine

Got hot flashes? Night sweats? If you are going through menopause, then you have either tried, or you have at least considered, HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy. These treatments, as you might know, contain female hormones, but do you know where these replacement hormones come from? Although they do come from different sources, the most common source of these replacement hormones are from pregnant horses.


2. Vomit

You must know that vomit is a good thing. When you vomit, your body is purging itself of what it considers to be dangerous or potentially dangerous substances.  Everything from the overconsumption of alcohol to plain old food poisoning is your body’s way of protecting you from the bad stuff. So next time you drive the porcelain bus, try to be a little more grateful.


3. Durian Fruit

You may not have even heard of this type of fruit, but if you ever get the chance to do so, you will never forget the experience. Durian fruit has a hard, spiky shell, and once you crack it open, it will blast you with a smell that makes most people vomit. Some have compared the smell to rotten manure; others have said it smells like the worst baby diaper ever. Regardless, you get the picture. However, people have said that if you can get past the smell, if you hold your nose and take a bite, it tastes heavenly. Durian fruit is also packed with vitamins, minerals, and potassium.


4.  Maggots

Of course you aren’t meant to eat them, but in 2004, the FDA approved the use of maggot therapy for healing wounds. Now, no one goes out to road kill to go pluck maggots for use on their wounds; however, specially “grown” sterile maggots are produced for hospital use. Maggots only eat dead tissue, not living tissue, so they can cleanly remove dead tissue without harming the living.


5. Cod Liver Oil

If your grandmother ever forced you to take this stuff, then you might know how disgusting it can taste. As the name implies, this oil comes from the liver of fish, and as disgusting as it might sound, the health benefits it has to offer cannot be ignored. Take cod liver oil as a supplement before bed, and you can skip out on those fishy burps and the ugly taste.

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6. Crawling Bugs On Your Skin

You can’t see them unless you aim a microscope on your skin, but they are there. Tiny bits of bacteria and germs are walking around on your skin, removing dead skin cells. Some of them, especially staphylococcus epidermidis, help to prevent really dangerous bacteria from making your skin its home. If you sit really quietly, you can feel them crawling around. (Just kidding – we are only having a bit of fun!)


7.  Eye Crunchies

You know that stuff that collects on the corners of your eyes while you sleep? Yeah, that stuff. During daylight hours, our tears drain into the tear duct and down into the nose. Blinking is what forces those tears downwards. At night, since you don’t blink, your tears start to collect at the corners of your eyes, and they dry. These are a sign that you are healthy, and your tear ducts work well. Unless those crunchies are green — then see a doctor because that is a sign of infection.


8.  Fish What?!

Fish testicles with semen, also called shirako, are often used in Japanese soups and sushi for their high levels of omega-3s. Why haven’t you seen them? Male fish keep their family jewels inside their bodies.


9. Ear Wax

Gross, but an essential part of the body. Ear wax keeps the tubes inside the ears lubricated and traps dust and germs. When you get too much wax, your body simply pushes it outside the ear canal, and you find it in all its glory.


10.  Mucus

Mucus: The polite term for snot. This product is a gift from your nose — a true gift, as it traps all types of intruders from entering your body through the nose. This includes lovely things such as pollution, ashes, sand, dust, pollen, and even tiny pieces of metal! Some of these things irritate our nose, which leads to that annoying, but healthy, runny nose or postnasal drip.

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11. Fermented Soy

Although eating too much soy can cause some health risks, it is also known that fermented soy, as stinky as it might be, is good for you. Fermented soy has tons of probiotics, vitamins, and minerals.


12. Blood Sausage

Although this is no longer a popular dish, it was a regular food item 60 years ago. It’s absolutely disgusting, but blood sausage is a treasure chest of gelatin, iron, protein, and zinc.


13. Leeches

If you have ever peeled some of these off your body after a day in the river, then you know how gross these little blood suckers are. Leeches are actually very helpful in surgery to stimulate blood circulation.  Say “Thank you Mr. Leech” next time you pull one off.


14. Fish Ice Cream And Moose Fat

It’s okay if you make a face, because unless you come from the Inuit tribe, this would be an acquired taste — to say the least. Native America Eskimos eat things like this all the time, and they don’t get heart disease or other kinds of Western disease, so how bad can they be? Both of these are actually loaded with healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, protein, and lots of omega-3s and omega-6s.


15. Fecal Transplants

Yep, you read that right. Fecal matter (yes, we are talking about poop) from a healthy person is transplanted via enema to a sick person. This method has been found to help people heal from digestive disorders and other types of infection. No, we are not kidding. One study, involving more than 300 people who suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, found that 92 percent of these people had their gastro problems solved after a fecal transplant.

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

16. Duck Blood Soup

This popular soup from Vietnam is made from the entire duck — every single part of it —  including the blood, beak, and intestines. As disgusting as it sounds, duck blood soup is a very healthy source of vitamins, minerals, and protein.


17. Water Blisters

The painful little blisters you get on your hands from working in the garden without gloves or from wearing those sky-high heels all night long are actually trying to protect the deeper layers of your skin from further damage and infection. Don’t pop those blisters — they will heal by themselves if you leave them alone.


18. Poop

You knew this would on this list, didn’t you? Poop is more than just your body’s way of removing waste; it is also a means of checking your overall health. If you poop small, hard little pebbles, it’s a sign that you are dehydrated, but diarrhea or thin poop is sometimes a sign of illness, colon cancer, or gallbladder problems. Poop should leave the body easily and look like kielbasa sausage.


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19. Pus

It is absolutely disgusting, no doubt about it, but pus is simply your body’s response to infection. At the first sign of an impending infection, your white blood cells line up like little soldiers to fight and die to kill infection. The more pus you see, the more respect you should have for the white blood cells that gave their lives to kill infection on your behalf.


20. Cottage Cheese

Some people find that the texture of cottage cheese is disgusting, but this dairy product is actually one terrific source of non-meat protein. For dieters, it can curb hunger pangs for hours.

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21. Calf’s Liver

It’s a disgusting super food full of almost everything the human body needs, including vitamin A, B6, B12, folates, niacin, riboflavin, betaine, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron , calcium, and protein.


22. Sweat

You know why babies smell so sweet? Because their sweat glands are not yet active. In fact, our sweat glands don’t become fully developed until we are about 12. Sweat is necessary to cool the body, and although sweat itself has no smell, the bacteria on our bodies does smell. The smell is also affected by the foods we eat, such as onions and curry powders.


23. Beef Brains

Disgusting even to look at, beef brains are loaded with iron, vitamin C, niacin, and B12. If you close your eyes, you might be able to stomach this healthy food.


24. Farts and Burps

Don’t be ashamed! It’s good for you! The body makes gas as a natural part of the digestive system. You can’t keep gas inside the body, so it escapes through the nearest exit. It sounds terrible and smells even worse, but without expelling gas, you would literally explode.


25. Caterpillars And Grasshoppers

Considered a delicacy in many parts of the world, most insects, including grasshoppers and caterpillars, are great sources of protein. Just be careful if you decide to try caterpillars, as some of them are poisonous. If you aren’t sure about your caterpillar species, stick with grasshoppers.