25 Reasons You Need More Cornstarch In Your Life (#15 Is The Best!)

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

14. Clean Glass

Grease and dirt on glass will come off very easily using some cornstarch. To make a super window cleaning solution, simply mix one tablespoon of corn starch and one tablespoon of vinegar in half a quart of water. Add this to a spray bottle and use it to get sparkling clean, streak-free windows. This also works on mirrors.


15. Kills Cockroaches

Ew. No one likes cockroaches, and they are a problem in every single part of the world. Unfortunately, the chemicals most people use to kill them are worse than the insects themselves. Worse still, overuse of many toxic chemicals is causing these ugly bugs to become resistant to many of them! You can avoid poisonous chemicals and kill cockroaches using this simple home remedy.

Make dough using some cornstarch, boric acid powder, powdered sugar, and just enough water so that everything sticks together. This will be a type of dry dough that will break into small pieces quite easily. Stick small, marble-sized pieces everywhere cockroaches love to hide, such as your kitchen cabinets, under the sink, and behind doors or appliances. Cockroaches will eat this mixture, and it will dehydrate them. The good news here is that they generally start looking for water and go into the drain to die, so you shouldn’t have to pick up too many bodies. Replace every three weeks until you no longer see any of those ugly bugs around. After that, once every three months should take care of any visiting cockroaches that decide to show up.


16. Stop Skin Rashes

If you should have a meeting with some poison ivy, poison oak, or any other type of substance that gives you an itchy rash, you can calm it with cornstarch. Try sprinkling the area with cornstarch first. If that does not provide you with sufficient relief, the mix some cornstarch with just enough water until you have a thin paste. Spread this over the area, and let it dry. If you like, you can add two or three drops of chamomile oil or lavender essential oil for extra soothing power you can really feel.


17. Superior Silver Polish

Add a bit of cornstarch to your polishing cloth and use this to rub your silverware. The fine grains in cornstarch will absorb oil residue and remove the tarnish without hurting the surface. Use another cloth to get the super high shine you want on your silver. No need to wash afterwards as cornstarch is gluten free and completely edible.


18. Dry Wash Underarms

If you are trying to avoid those chemical filled, toxic antiperspirants, we don’t blame you. Despite our best efforts, perspiration gets the better of us and, well, the smell is not so pleasant. To absorb sweat and reduce the odor, use a ladies powder puff and dust your underarms liberally with cornstarch.


19. Fix Squeaky Floorboards

Most floorboards begin squeaking over time due to their changing shape because of changes in the weather. Many people think that the board needs to be pulled up and either replaced or sanded down. Try this trick first; spread a liberal amount of cornstarch over the area where you hear the squeaking. Sweep it around into the cracks with a broom, and then sweep up the excess. This should reduce friction and should stop the board from squeaking.

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