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Have you walked through the self-help aisle of your local bookstore lately? It’s filled with books about how be happy, how to find joy, how to relieve depression, etc. Although it’s great to get so much good advice on such a significant topic, it’s important to note that happiness is some kind of destination that you arrive at and can stay at permanently; like changing houses and moving to a new city.

When we look at life realistically, we will realize it’s an up and down ride. There are times of intense sadness and other times of intense joy.

However, you can find ways to get in daily practice that is simple and sure to bring you happiness….simply seek out joy.

Joy is a temporary feeling but always waiting to appear, no matter how dark your mood. Joy can remind you that life is truly a gift. Although you cannot avoid all suffering in life, remember that joy is a choice!

Here is our list of 40 ways to practice joy. Try one every day.


1. Move

Dance, do somersaults, handstands, cartwheels, twirl around until you’re dizzy, just don’t make it about exercise. This is for the pure joy of moving!


2.  Talk like a pirate, ARRRRR matey!

Optional: you can dress up like a pirate, too. Costumes allow us to be silly.


3. Snuggle

Get close and personal with your spouse, child, pet, partner, sibling, mom, or dad. If you are truly alone, you should think about hitting up your local animal shelter for a new BFF.


4. Go barefoot

Take off those socks and shoes and tip toe through the tulips, or feel the grass between your feet. Reconnect with Mother Earth.


5.  Call someone to say “I love you.”

Or, if you can, do it in person.


6. Do something to nurture your physical health

Joy is so much easier to feel when our bodies are healthy. Eat fresh, organic foods and plenty of sleep.


7. Connect with nature

Go hiking, watch a sunset or sunrise, sit by water, smell flowers, listen to birds. Nature is a true blessing.


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8. Skip

We don’t mean skip work (although sometimes that’s a great idea) but you could skip to work. Or to the park. Or through the park. Or through the parking lot. Well, you get the idea.


9. Listen to the wisdom of elders.

They have so much to offer us, so much to share, and yet, we rarely pay attention to them, let alone what they have to say.


10.  Be someone’s cheerleader.

Not in the rah- rah- go-team- go sense, but cheer them on to be the best at whatever it is they are working at.

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