5 Best Essential Oils To Enhance Your Holidays Mood!

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Essential oils are an extremely diverse range of extracts from all kinds of plant sources offering endless health benefits. Not only that, but they smell great too and many of them are scents which we typically associate with Christmas. Read on to find out the top 5 essential oils to get you in well and truly enjoy in that Christmassy feeling.


1. Clementine oil

Everyone knows about the humble clementine, that sweet little orange which makes an appearance at the beginning of the holiday season. But did you also know that they make an essential oil from everyone’s favourite Christmas fruit?

Clementine oil is extracted from the skin of the fruit by a method called ‘cold-pressing’. This locks in that wonderful scent that we all so much love and associate with the festive period. Apart from its great smell, this essential oil has many health benefits and can promote overall wellbeing. These include relieving tension and stress, acting as an antifungal agent and treating high cholesterol.


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2. Cinnamon oil

The sweet, warm smell of cinnamon is another scent which we typically associate with Christmas, and the oil extracted from this spice can really fill your home with festive cheer. It can be used in an oil burner or an aromatherapy diffuser to trigger an immediate sense of Christmas and all that it brings.

Beyond that, cinnamon oil has an amazing ability to dilate the blood vessels, and many of its health benefits relate to this. These include decreasing inflammation, increasing circulation and fighting viruses. So this humble little spice is not just a sensory trigger, but also one of nature’s most potent medicines!

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3. Cedarwood oil

Cedarwood oil is a rich, woody, enveloping scent which can make your home seem like a log cabin treatment from the elements outside during the winter months. Welcoming and calming when diffused, this oil evokes memories throughout the entire winter season.

The oil itself is also a fantastic cough remedy making it even more perfect for the colder months. It has, like peppermint oil, also been proven to stimulate the metabolism and lower hunger pangs. (It is particularly useful during Christmas when surrounded by incredibly tempting foods on all sides!) A true all-rounder, cedarwood is one of the best essential oils to use around your home during Christmas.


4. Clove oil

Another classic holiday sent is clove oil. This spice triggers a Christmassy feeling due to it being in our favourite mulled drinks and holiday foods. The oil can be extracted from the clove buds, leaves, or stems and the plant is actually native to Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia.

Clove oil is excellent for treating dental problems due to its antibacterial nature. No wonder it has long been used as a promoter of oral health in Asian countries and during Greek antiquity. It is also fantastic for the treatment of gastrointestinal issues as it calms inflamed muscle linings in the intestinal track which can cause pain and discomfort.


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5. Pine oil

Last but not least is the humble pine oil, a no-brainer for this list, thanks to its association with Christmas trees! Pine essential oil has a fresh, peppy scent which has us instantly think of that truly magical moment of going to pick that tree. The oil itself is extracted from the bark and has long been associated with wintertime with its uplifting, refreshing fragrance.

A true all-rounder, pine oil is not only brings many health benefits to the home, but can also be used as a cleaning agent thanks to its fresh, cleansing aroma. This powerful oil is antibacterial and antifungal as well as being able to decrease allergies and purify the air.

These 5 must-have essential oils will have you immediately indulging in Christmas cheer. Not only that but each one brings a unique array of health benefits for your home and family, making them truly dual-purpose additions for every year’s festive season!