5 Simple Changes to Reset Your Sleeping Patterns

Breakfast With Coffee, Orange Juice, Croissant, Egg, Vegetables

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2.  Breakfast Foods

So, now that you had breakfast for dinner, think about proteins for breakfast. If you typically have smoothies, try to avoid adding a lot of fruit and think about greens instead. Also, try adding a tablespoon of whey protein to your smoothie. You might also want to think about having some turkey bacon and a couple eggs. Think protein in the morning.


3. Try Some Raw Honey

Your brain actually uses a lot of energy in the night while you are sleeping. It tends to get this energy from the sugar that is stored in your liver or in your muscles if it doesn’t find a sufficient amount in your liver. Eating a bit of sugar just before bed is a way to get your brain some of the food it’s looking for to run during the night.

Try having a cup of chamomile or other soothing, non-caffeinated tea and add some raw honey to sweeten it. This touch of honey will also raise your insulin levels so you should have no problem falling asleep. Just one or two teaspoons in your tea at night will do the trick. Find out benefits of honey for the health.


4.  Omega-3’s to the Rescue

This is another great food source that not only helps to protect your brain, but can help you sleep. Omega-3’s improve your body’s sensitivity to insulin and taken before bedtime can give your brain the substrates it needs for repair.

You could have some seafood or oily fish, such as salmon cakes, for dinner or, take your omega-3 fish oil supplements with dinner instead of in the morning. Although some people take flaxseed oil or hempseed oil, they can sometimes be too high in omega-6 fatty acids and contain less of the omega-3 fatty acid that you are need. Read more about different omega-3 sources.


5. Lunchtime Fare

To keep yourself well balanced, eat an equal combination of proteins and carbs. Don’t make your meals too much of one or the other. Eating too many carbs will make you sleepy right after lunch while eating too much protein doesn’t give your body the sugars it needs to keep going through the afternoon and you might find yourself standing in front of the vending machine about 3PM, drooling over a candy bar. A good mixture of both carbs and protein will give your body what it needs to keep working without making you sleepy or giving you those afternoon sugar cravings.

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