5 Terrific Reasons To Skip The White Bread Once And For All

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Most people already know that white bread isn’t really good for you and that one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve your health is to simply ditch the Wonder bread for some whole grain bread, but it’s really a bit more complicated than that.

You might not think twice about that morning bagel you take to work with you. Or the basket of bread rolls they serve at your favorite restaurant. Saturday night pizza not only comes with extra thick crust but sometimes they even come with bread sticks!

Let’s take a quick look at why you need to look at your white bread habit and ditch these diet disasters once and for all.


1. Almost No Nutritional Value

Yes, no one is denying that bagels and pizza are super delish, but at the end of the day, there really is one reason we are eating: To provide our bodies with nourishment. White bread comes from refined flours. When we refine wheat, the outermost, and innermost layers are removed from the grain. This processes also removes almost all of the health compounds that are in wheat! This leaves you with nothing more than a bit of fiber and starch. That’s about it. Enriched flour has some nutrients, such as iron and B vitamins put back, but these are synthetic in nature and are hardly a match for the whole grain goodness you are missing out on.


2. Erratic Blood Sugar Levels

White bread is quickly digested and absorbed by the body, since it has almost no fiber or protein to slow down digestion. This leads to a quick rise in blood sugar levels. This quick increase, then crash, not only leaves you feeling crabby, but it also will leave you hungry. You will find yourself heading to the vending machine soon afterwards.


3. Increases Your Risk of Diabetes

When our blood sugar rises quickly, the body puts out excessive amounts of insulin to push that sugar into the cells of the body. When this happens frequently, our cells get tired of being “pushed around” and they become resistant to insulin. Over time, this can lead to problems controlling your blood sugar. Studies show that those who eat whole grains regularly, rather than white bread, have lower amounts of the kind of fat that increases the risk of diabetes.

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