5 Vegan Friendly Cuisines Around The World

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4. Vietnamese

Vietnamese food is delightfully fresh, full of colour and flavour and, a drum-roll please, mostly vegan! As with Thai and many other types of Asian cuisine, the Vietnamese often don’t add milk, eggs, and other animal products to their traditional dishes when cooked fresh, and they can easily be made without meat, too.

A fantastic go-to when travelling through this beautiful country or when visiting a restaurant are summer rolls. Super light but super tasty, they consist of fresh vegetables, coriander and chilli together with rice noodles packed into a rice paper roll. You can also have them with tofu and sweet and sour or chili dipping sauce for an extra kick!


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  1. Horseman

    Jan 2, 2018 at 12:44 pm

    Get real. Many of these dishes need a broth (especially Pad Thai) and I’ve never tasted a veggie broth worth a damn.