5 Ways to Make Everyone Want to be Around You

If you haven’t noticed already, we live in world where many people believe that they only way to succeed is to be pretty, witty, rich and slim. Without these things they think it will be next to impossible to find the perfect spouse, the perfect job, a dreamy, trouble free life.

Now of course, having all those things certainly don’t hurt but you still need to keep growing and learning. Someone once said, when we are green, we are growing, when we are ripe, we rot. There’s a lot of truth in that statement. But what makes the biggest difference between people who are happy and successful and those who aren’t?

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It’s their vibration! That certain something which you can’t put your finger on but makes them so attractive, you can’t help but want to be near them.

How do you get to be one of those people? It’s not something you are born with, but rather it’s something you can learn. Take a look at the top 5 things you can do to be the kind of people that everyone wants to hang around with.  It all starts with you, my friend.


1. Keep a record of your victories

Of course, not every day is a blue ribbon day by any means. However, just because we may fail every now and then it certainly doesn’t mean that we are failures! When a plan just doesn’t go the way you had hoped, don’t beat yourself up, just tell yourself something like “Well, that didn’t go as planned.”, then get right back on the horse, so to speak.

Keep a journal and write down every single thing that you can do the things you know, as well as all the successful projects you have achieved already. See yourself through someone else’s eyes and realize that you are an amazing person exactly the way you are. Read  10 tips to make it easy to meditate every day.


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2. Think about all the things you like about yourself

Don’t be shy and don’t think that noticing all the good things about you means that you are arrogant or have a big head. No one wants to be around a person with no self-esteem who talks crap about themselves all the time. Write a list about all the things you like about yourself. You don’t have to show it to anyone so be brutally honest. Don’t write what others have told you; write what you see about yourself. Are you a good listener? A good friend? Are you super good with computer programs? Maybe you have a way with animals or you are a super good cook. You might be surprised at all the things you are really good at! Read this list every few days and add to it if you find you have forgotten a few things.


3. Define your ultimate goal in life

You know that old saying, if you do the same old things, you will get the same old results? It’s absolutely true. Don’t be afraid to try a different approach in life. Do you know what your ultimate goal is? How can you reach it if you don’t know exactly what that is?

Think about it and be very specific. “I want to retire early”, is too vague. “I want to have two million dollars by the time I’m 60 so I can retire and start my own petting zoo”, is much more appropriate.


4. Now break down that goal into realistic steps

Thinking about your ultimate goal, break that goal down into baby steps. Begin with next week, then next month, three months from now, 1 year from now, etc. Ask yourself about each goal, “On a scale of one to 10, how doable is this?” If you can’t answer 8 or above, then maybe you need to either rethink the goal or break it down even further. As you complete each goal, don’t forget to add them to your journal of “victories” from step one. Read also about habits of the super organized.


5. Practice visualization, it works!

Whatever goal it is that you want to achieve, you should visualize it vividly every day. Begin your day by thinking about how great everything would be, and how you are going to achieve everything you need to do that day. You can even imagine getting a great parking space! And before you go to bed at night, be thankful for the great day you had and, again, really picture how the next day is going to be. You might feel silly doing this at first, but after a while, you will see how all those things you imagined in your mind begin to become your reality.