6 of the Biggest Lies Most Vegans Believe (#4 is the Worst!)

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2.  Vegans are Healthier Than Meat Eaters

There is no doubt that there are numerous studies showing that vegan and vegetarian diets have substantial health benefits.

Although vegan advocates would like to tell you that this is due to a lack of animal protein, this is simply not the whole story. It’s like saying lasagna is made with pasta. Well, it is, but there is certainly a great many more ingredients than just pasta!

What other things do vegans cut out of their diet that makes them “healthier”?

  • Refined grains – Most vegans eat only whole grains. Refined grains lead to spikes in blood sugar, weight gain, and insulin resistance.
  • Refined sugar – Can cause insulin resistance and fatty liver as well as heart disease, obesity and diabetes.
  • Trans-fats – These are extremely harmful to the body and are linked to many chronic diseases including heart disease and stroke.
  • Vegetable oils– Highly inflammatory, filled with unhealthy levels of Omega-6 fatty acids, and the leading cause of oxidative damage.

Many vegans also remove processed foods from their diets, which are low in nutrition as well as being high in sugar, trans-fats, and artificial chemicals.

Most of the benefits of a vegan diet come from the removal of the above ingredients and not the exclusion of animal protein.

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