7 Exercises You Don’t Have to Do Anymore


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Although it seems like some people really enjoy exercise and look for reasons to head off to the gym, some of us are, well, not so enthusiastic. Still others just don’t have the time to do things that aren’t all that beneficial.

Why spend more time than necessary doing exercises that aren’t going to help you all that much or that can be replaced with other movements that can incorporate two exercises in one? Sounds good to you? Then read on about the 6 exercises you can confidently pass on.


1. The Plank

Unless you are an absolute beginner, you no longer need to do the abdominal plank or the side plank.

This is a good exercise to build core strength but if you can hold a plank comfortably for 60 seconds or more, then you have sufficient stability and strength that you can pass on this one.

Doing more planks at this point won’t improve your body further.  If you want more challenging exercises, there are many variations but don’t waste more time with this one.

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