7 Super Foods That Slow the Aging Process

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Although no one can escape father time forever, there are ways you can slow him down. The more you can do when you reach middle age to prepare yourself for the aging process, the better you will fare.

While exercise has shown that it successfully can delay the aging process, and by keeping your brain active through lifelong learning can keep your brain healthy, is there a way to trip up time by simply eating certain foods?

The answer is: yes! There are a lot of foods that can help with arthritis, help the skin look younger, avoid heart disease, even delay cancer.

Here is a list of the top 7 foods that, while they won’t keep old age from coming, they can make you look and feel as if you found a fountain of youth.


1. Garlic

Ok, so you won’t have many close friends as you grow older, but they will all wonder how you manage to look so young. Medical News Today has listed numerous research reports that consistently put garlic in the top ranking for its benefits to your health.

Research done at Kings College in London discovered that garlic was an important part in reducing osteoarthritis in the hips. Garlic oil has long been known to offer protection to the heart both before and during heart surgery.

Garlic also lowers blood pressure and a study out of China found that a main ingredient in garlic, diallyl disulfide might actually protect a liver that has been damaged by alcohol abuse.

You can use garlic to treat a flu without a vaccine.

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