7 Surprising Facts About Jet lag, And 11 Best Ways To Avoid It!

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8. Stay away from sleeping pills or antidepressants

Popping either of these two medications after you arrive at your destination will make it harder to recover from jet lag. Try to fall asleep naturally or try other tips that are listed here.


9. Eat lighter meals

When you eat lighter meals, and skip the idea of a heavy dinner, you can trick your mind into avoiding jet lag. Eat the heavier meal when you arrive at your destination.


10. Keep your naps to a minimum

Try to hold off your naps so that you can get to bed at a regular time. If you have to crash as soon as you arrive, you may confuse you waking and sleeping times even more.


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11. Try to catch a nap on the plane

If you have to take a nap, it is best to try to catch a nap while on the plane, especially if you are traveling a great distance. Sleeping on the plane will leave you feeling refreshed when you land in another time zone.




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