8 Foods That Should Never Ever Be Reheated (#4 – Who Knew?)

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No one likes to waste money, and throwing out leftover food feels like throwing good money in the trash. Organic food is not cheap, so it only makes sense that people try to reheat leftovers whenever possible.

However, did you know that some foods can actually turn poisonous if they are reheated? It’s true! Although some foods are perfectly fine to reheat, others are absolutely not. The chemicals in some foods change once they have been heated and then cooled.

Not all of these foods are downright poisonous, and some of them will only give you symptoms of food poisoning like vomiting and diarrhea, but who the heck wants a big plate of that?!

Knowing which foods you should not reheat is a great way to save money. Once you are aware that certain food items should not be reheated, you will only make enough for one meal and not have to throw anything away.

Here are the eight foods that you should never reheat or be extremely careful about how you do so.


1. Potatoes

If you have ever had reheated mashed potatoes you know that they can be pretty darn tasty, but most people do not know that potatoes lose almost all of their nutritional value once they are reheated a second time.  Also, if you reheat them to a super high temperature (which frequently happens when we use microwaves), they can actually change their composition and become poisonous. Take great care when reheating potatoes, cooking them slowly and never heating them to excess.


2.  Spinach

Spinach is a super healthy food that many people enjoy in their salads, but there are plenty of people who enjoyed cooked spinach as a side dish. Spinach is one of those foods that should never, ever be reheated. Once cooked and then cooled, spinach releases nitrates. These are very harmful to the body and are a known source of carcinogens. Eat it cold or throw out the leftovers.

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