8 Foods That Should Never Ever Be Reheated (#4 – Who Knew?)

Brown Rice

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3. Mushrooms

Of the eight foods on this list, mushrooms present the biggest health risk. Mushrooms are often added to many cooked dishes, but they should be eaten immediately or consumed cold the next day. Once heated, mushrooms change in their physical composition. They not only have a definite change in flavor, but they can cause you severe digestive problems.  If they are a part of a dish, remove them before reheating.


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4. Rice

Reheating rice has been the subject of debate for eons. The problem with reheating rice is what happens after the rice has been cooked to begin with. Many people believe that since rice contains no fat or animal meat, it can be left out on the counter. Some people even leave rice dishes out on the counter or on the stove all night. Once cooked rice is left sitting out at room temperature for long periods of time, it tends to grow a very dangerous type of bacteria that causes symptoms of food poisoning. If rice is stored in the refrigerator, then there are no issues with reheating it. Never leave rice sitting out for more than an hour. Refrigerate it promptly, or throw it out!


5. Celery

Although most people store celery in their refrigerator and eat it fresh, sometimes celery is used in soups or casseroles. Just like spinach, once celery is heated it releases nitrates when it is cooled and then reheated. If you put celery in a soup or casserole dish, eat the entire dish or throw the leftovers in the trash.

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