8 Reasons You’ll Never Overlook This Simple Fruit Again

Photo credit: marketsofnewyork

Photo credit: marketsofnewyork

Plums are a delicious low sugar, low calorie fruit that are brimming with health benefits you may have never even heard about until now. After bananas, they are next in line as one of the most cultivated fruits in the world. With over 140 different types of plums available, it is no surprise that the purple fruit is recognized by the Chinese as symbolizing good luck.

From warding off cancerous cells to helping build strong bones, the power of this simple fruit is undeniable. After checking out the following eight ways that plums can improve your health, you will certainly want to add them to your regular regimen.


1. They keep you regular

Most people know that the dried version of the plum, the prune, is an effective laxative that can keep your bowel movements on a regular schedule. With more than three times the amount of fiber required on a daily basis, prunes have been proven to be more effective in providing regularity to constipation sufferers than most over-the-counter remedies.


2. Keeps your bones strong

Oklahoma State University and Florida State University conducted tests on women who were postmenopausal. One group were given 100 grams of prunes each day, and the other group consumed the same amount in dried apples. Both groups of women were also administered calcium supplements and vitamin D. After one year, the group that was given the prunes had more density in the bone minerals in their forearms and spine than the group that was given the dried apples. With the flavonoids known as rutin and caffeic found in plums, this fruit is able to keep osteoporosis at bay in women who are postmenopausal. In addition, it has been found that plums are even able to return lost bone density that was compromised from the aging process.

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