8 Secrets For A Happier, Healthier Life

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

4.  Don’t Watch the News

Happy people do not allow themselves to be barraged with negative media. Take a look at what’s on the news these days. Non-stop, relentless fear, violence and negativity. People who wish to maintain a positive and upbeat outlook on life understand that the types of media they consume will affect their worldview, consciously or unconsciously. Expose yourself to uplifting and inspiring content and reduce the negative material for a few weeks, and see what a difference it makes.


5. The “It could be worse” Approach

Let’s face it. Sometimes bad and inconvenient things are going to happen. That’s just life. When these inevitable setbacks do occur, you can chose to view it as an injustice or take a different approach. When a train gets delayed, they catch a cold, or they get fender-bender, they don’t dwell on how horrible it is. The simply say “Oh well, it could have been worse”. And if you think about it, yes it probably could be worse. You could be living in a conflict zone right now. You could be trapped a car sinking underwater. Take a moment and you’ll realize that whatever is happening, it’s probably not as bad as it could be.

Happy people also don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on negative events of the past. This has the simultaneous effect of stopping you from dwelling on negative situations and memories, while also being grateful that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

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