8 Terrific Exercises To Get Rid Of Jell-O Arms

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

2. The Triceps Chair Dip

You will need a sturdy, stable chair or step ladder for this exercise. Turn your back to the chair as if you were going to sit. Put your hands shoulder width apart on the seat of the chair with your butt just resting on the edge of the chair. Your legs should be about hip width apart, slightly bent. Push your behind off the chair and lower your body towards the floor using your arms. Go as low as possible by bending your elbows, then return to start. You will definitely feel the tension in your triceps’! Don’t feel badly if you can’t go very low at first. As your arms become stronger, you will be able to go lower. Start with five reps, then work your way up to 20.


3. The Crab Dip

Sit on the floor with your legs bent and your feet about shoulder width apart in front of you. Place your hand behind you, fingers facing forward towards your feet, directly beneath your shoulders. Don’t lock out your elbows, but try to extend your arms so that you raise your hips and your butt off the mat. You won’t be able to move more than an inch or two, but that’s OK. Push yourself up and down off the mat using only your arms, not your hips. Start with 15 reps and work yourself up to two sets of 24 reps.


4. Plain Old Push Ups

You know how these are done. Get down on the floor with your hands directly under your shoulders, elbows close to your sides. Lower yourself to the floor, then back up to the start position. If this is too difficult at first, do “girlie” pushups by putting your knees on the floor. Be sure to let your arms do most of the work. Start with 10 reps and work yourself up to three sets of 10 reps.


5. One Arm Push Up

Lie down on your right side with your knees slightly bend. Put your right hand on your left shoulder. Put your left hand on the floor. Press with your left hand onto the floor and lift your upper body off the floor. Repeat 10 times, and then switch sides.

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