9 Magic Routines Proven To Help Grow Eyebrows Faster

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Having thick nicely shaped eyebrows provide the perfect framework for beautiful eyes. Many times, in an effort to make them look good, you could go overboard and perform a little too much tweezing, which may leave you with thin sparse eyebrows.

While you can’t grow your eyebrows back overnight, you can help them along with some magic routines that have been proven to make them grow faster. The sooner you start the sooner you will be enjoying the lush eyebrows you had before.


1. Comb and Massage Your Eyebrows

The technique is easy here. Gently move your fingertips along the eyebrows lines in a round circular motion. Make sure to go in the same direction as the hair is growing so you don’t pull out any extra hairs. Don’t wax your eyebrows. Try not to tweeze them – if you don’t have adequate lighting, you will end up with really sparse unfashionable eyebrows.


2. Stimulate the Growth by Applying Oils

There are many cosmetics and lotions out there on the shop shelves, but the majority of them are filled with chemicals. A variety of natural oils makes a great competition to them. Before applying any oils, do a little exfoliation on the skin where the eyebrows are growing to eliminate any dirt or build-up that could be filling the pores. Then you can apply to the area any type of the oil you prefer – from coconut oil to extra virgin. Dab a cotton ball that has the oil on it and let the oil set on your skin for about 15 minutes then clean the area with tepid clean water. However, it is best to apply the oils overnight.

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3. Take Biotin, and Focus on Foods rich in Vitamins A, C, and E

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that’s a part of the vitamin B family. It plays an important role in the re-growing of thinning hair. Biotin positively influences the levels of keratin, which in turn, is great for your hair health. In addition, foods that are rich in vitamins A, E, and C encourage faster growth of your eyebrows. Foods rich in vitamin A include sweet potatoes, carrots, and peppers. Oranges, lemons, and broccoli will give you a complete dose of vitamin C. And foods that have vitamin E are almonds, spinach, peanuts, and basil.


4. Drink Water

Make sure to keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water. When you have enough water going through your system, it is able to wash away any toxins you may have in your body. The toxins will easily be flushed out through your urine. Try to work up to 8 glasses of water each day. When your system is running smoothly you have better chances for improved health, including that of your eyebrows.


5. Try some onion juice

The onion juice has vitamins C and B as well as selenium, Sulphur, and minerals. Sulphur has been proven to activate the production of collagen. This helps to regulate the growth of eyebrow hair and make the hair follicles stronger. You may want to apply the onion juice sparingly every other day as it has a very strong aroma.

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6. Eat a healthy diet

It’s always important to maintain a healthy diet. Whenever you are deficient in any area it can show up in hair loss, including your eyebrow area. To keep your focus on, make sure you eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, more plant-based proteins, and foods rich in iron, such as green vegetables, fish, and milk. It’s great to include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, walnuts, avocados, and extra virgin olive oil.


7. Apply Vaseline for better moisturizing

Vaseline petroleum jelly is great at keeping the area around your eyebrows supple as it seals in the moisture. You can use it a couple of times each day.


8. Cut down on the amount of makeup you wear

Wearing too much makeup will just highlight the fact that your eyebrows are thinning. Too much makeup can also interfere with the rapid growth of your eyebrows. Some of the creams and liquids could be too heavy and weigh down the hair that is already there inhibiting future growth.


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9. Eliminate using heavy creams and lotions

Be careful with the cleansing creams and moisturizing lotions you use on your face. You don’t want to clog up the follicles around your eyebrows so try to apply them to your face only.