90 Percent of Tobacco is GMO: Hey, is That Pesticide You’re Smoking?

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Photo credit: bigstock

Are you still smoking cigarettes or cigars or using chew? You have probably already heard all the bad things that smoking is doing to your body but here is one you probably haven’t heard of yet. About 90 percent of all tobacco is GMO. This means you are smoking pesticides and herbicides all day long. If you have wondered why you are getting those hangover like symptoms when you go too long without a smoke, it’s withdrawal from the chemicals that’s causing those symptoms, not withdrawal from tobacco itself. The true driving force behind your cigarette addiction is the 4,000 or so chemicals that your smokes are filled with.

Scientists in labs are injecting or infusing the genes of bacteria from other living things into the seeds of the tobacco plant you are smoking. GMO tobacco has “built in” pesticides and herbicides, built right into the DNA of the plant. On top of that, farmers then spray even more pesticides (such as RoundUp) onto the plant that are only adding to your chemical woes. In fact, these insect and weed killers become mixed with the bacteria in your brain, heart, and lungs, which only compound your inability to quit this killer habit. Read more about 5 reasons why RoundUp should be banned forever.

The reason the tobacco industry created these GMO plants is to kill horn worms and bud worms. It’s that simple. Those bugs eat the plants and cut into their profits. The main goal of the tobacco industry is to make more money by using this biotech type of engineering. Of course this comes at the cost of human health. Big tobacco doesn’t give a damn about you; they just want to make more money.

The truth is that it’s perfectly legal to slowly kill people by making and selling carcinogens, even if customers are aware of the risk. Now although you might know the risk of smoking regular old tobacco, no one really knows the risk of smoking GM tobacco, because no one yet knows the extent or the depth of that risk because there have been no tests done. YOU, my friend, are the guinea pig in this experiment.

The tobacco budworm is a devastating insect because the female lays her eggs in the bug of the tobacco plant. This makes it almost impossible to kill the larvae, which are feeding on the bud, because pesticides can’t reach them. Adult insects are now extremely resistant to most modern day insecticides anyway. This was the point of making these GM plants, to attempt to kill the worm from the inside out. This translates into leaky gut syndrome and irritable bowel syndrome for humans who ingest this. This means the destruction of your lungs and your digestive system. This means bladder cancer and prostate cancer. This means birth defects for children. All of these serious health risks come from GM food and tobacco.

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  1. Bill Merritt

    Mar 9, 2018 at 12:45 am

    Bogus statements in this article. I trust the tobacco companies more than the scientific illiterate who wrote this article.

  2. rnatas

    Apr 4, 2018 at 3:06 am

    Genetic engineering is not bad thing. Humans have been modifying their food sources for ages. Do you think rice and wheat and cows occured naturally? Humans selectively bred plants and animals to improve yield, hardiness, and nutritional value, and it took thousands of years; now we can instead research and create new and better food sources in years instead of millenia. Feed the hungry of the world with cheaper better food. Prevent pests from destroying the food supply. There were even promising experiments to make healthy bacon!

    Except some people who are better at activism than science spread lies based on their fear and ignorance. These people listened to the other uneducated fools, and ranted and lobbied and generated propaganda renouncing “frankenfood”. Now it is ruined for all of us, because the government made laws and the companies rushed to label their foods “non-GMO” to avoid bad publicity from the loud but misinformed masses. There are literally children dying from starvation today, that could have benefited from better cheaper safer foods.. because so much research has been halted due to it not being economically feasible to improve the food like we could. Every time I see someone blindly denounce GMOs as evil with absolutely no understanding of it, I think of how the blood of these children are on their hands. Your bad politics and lack of scientific understanding kills children, in case you don’t get what I am saying.

    Here’s a fun fact: the laws governing GMO labeling were written by politicians, listening to the crybabies, and no scientists were involved. Thus having the “non-GMO” label does not actually mean the food is not genetically engineered; old techniques were “grandfathered in” to protect the big food companies. So your “non-GMO” snacks were created with GMOs that were created using techniques from the 70s and earlier. It is only the newer (and better) GMOs that are prevented from using that label, legally. Good job crybabies and Congress, the less safe and less good foods get a special label for the hippies to look for while the better ones are condemned as “too science-y” to be called “safe” (by the uneducated). That label means they are using 40+ year old science, and you are still eating GMOs. It is a marketing ploy you fools. And since there is nothing inherently dangerous about swapping genes using a lab, it is really just a shortcut past the millenia it would take to cross breed the same results. Any modern food plant or animal has been altered by humans, made into a GMO the (very) slow way.

    I don’t know why you care so much about tobacco use, in this day and age smokers know the dangers and accept the risks. Children today think smoking is more dangerous than it actually is, statistically, because of your propaganda. Anyway, it’s none of your business what other people do, it is their bodies. But seeing how you jumped on the GMO hating bandwagon without thinking, I assume you did no research here either.

    Also, you didn’t mention that tobacco was actually genetically modifed to help fight malaria. The “pesticides” you claim were put in there to “cause addiction” (haha is my immine system a pesticide you science hater?) have saved thousand if not millions of lives from a deadly disease. Protecting the tobacco crops is a side effect, and no worse than using regular pesticides. And though they still spray, they use less now, and the GMO “pesticides” do not ruin the water nearby like the old ones do. You probably think we can feed this planet without stopping the bugs somehow, but we can’t. Not when good new scientific techniques are effectively banned by the uneducated. For that, I will punish you with one more terrible fact: “organic” food labels also are regulated by the same idiots, and thus can carry the “organic” label as long as they do not use certain techniques or pesticides. So enjoy eating your next meal, knowing that you did not (and can not) avoid non-organic GMOs; you can only avoid those made with modern science, preferring the ones with pretty little labels that really mean “this is made using less safe, old technology”.