A Million Ways That Lemons Can Save Your Life

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

America has known about lemons since at least the 16th century, when Christopher Columbus brought them to what is now Florida. Lemons (and limes) were very valuable at the time for the protection they offered against scurvy. During the Gold Rush in California, lemons were so popular and in such unbelievably high demand that people were willing to pay the unheard price of $1 each. This would be expensive even for today, but imagine that in the 1800’s!

Although high levels of vitamin C and alkalizing effects on the body are no doubt among the great reasons to always keep lemons around (or to plant your own tree) these sour fruits have a type of antioxidant known as flavonoids that can fight inflammation, heart disease, and cancer, according to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

The Ancient Egyptians thought that drinking the juice or eating lemons would protect you from poison. Although there are many health benefits to lemons and their juice, protection from poison might not be one of them, but they will certainly help to protect you from disease and infection, which can save your life. They are also powerful cleaning and beauty agents, which are almost as important, right?!

Well, although we might not have quite a million things listed here, it might seem like it. This list contains valuable information about how you can use lemons for your health, for cleaning, for beauty treatments, and more!

Keep reading to find out just how valuable lemons actually are and why people would pay a buck a piece for one!

1. Add lemon juice to your humidifier for instant room deodorizing.

2. Freeze slices of lemon with a bit of vinegar in an ice cube tray, and then put a few cubes in your garbage disposal for instant cleaning and a fresh scent.

3. Rub a cut lemon over your chrome kitchen faucets or shower fixtures to remove hard water stains and leave them bright and shiny.

4.  Gargling with lemon and water can help soothe a sore throat and kill bacteria that might be trying to set up house.

5. Coating warts with pure lemon juice will help them break down and fall off.

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

6. Smelling lemons or lemon essential oil can lower blood pressure and reduce feelings of nausea.

7. Drinking lemon and water daily can help to remove and prevent painful kidney stones.

8. Lemon juice can help ease the pain of eczema and psoriasis.

9. Lemon juice can help to relieve respiratory problems such as asthma attacks.

10.  Applying lemon juice to corns on the skin can help them to soften so they can be removed more easily.

11.  Adding a teaspoon of lemon juice to your dish soap will help clean the grease off and increase the overall effectiveness of the soap.

12.  Clean your hardwood floors with a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar to make a super dirt cutting, but non-toxic floor cleaner.

13.  Get rid of grease stains on clothes by mixing lemon juice with vinegar and applying it to the stain. Allow to sit for an hour or so, and then rinse and wash as normal.

14.  Add lemon juice or lemon slices to your ice cube trays to add some healthy flavor to your favorite beverages or spice up some plain water.

15. Out of sour cream? Add some lemon juice to whipped cream and allow to sit for 30 minutes.

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

16.  Lemons are the only food in the world that have an ion with a negative charge. All other foods have a positive ion charge. This means lemons can give your body energy, since all cationic ions provide cells with energy.

17.  Lemons are super cancer-fighters, containing 22 anti-cancer compounds.

18. Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which improves the immune system

19. Lemons are also rich in flavonoids which are anti-viral in nature, helping you fight off flu and cold viruses.

20.  Add lemon juice to some hot water and soak your white clothing for a few hours before washing for super white whites without toxic bleach.

21. Prevent fruits from turning brown by soaking them in some cold water and lemon juice after cutting.

22. Make your own natural furniture polish by combining lemon juice and olive oil. Apply a small amount to your wood furniture, allow to sit for a few minutes, then buff with a dry cloth.

23. Soak a sponge in lemon juice and allow it to sit in your refrigerator for a few hours or overnight. This works much better than baking soda when it comes to removing odors.

24. Drinking a glass of water and the juice of one lemon in the mornings will help to cleanse the bowels and keep things moving along smoothly.

25. Drinking some lemon juice every day will help dissolve, as well as stop the formation of gallstones.

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

26.  Lemon juice is a natural blood purifier, which means that in a pinch, you can stop diseases such as malaria and cholera.

27.  The potassium in lemon juice helps to lower blood pressure and eliminate dizziness.

28.  Make your own nourishing exfoliating body scrub by combining honey, olive oil, sugar, and lemon juice. Read more how to use lemons instead of beauty products.

29.  Mix some lemon juice with coconut or almond oil, then apply it to your hair and sit in the sun for a few hours. The lemon juice will give you natural highlights and the oil will help to keep your hair from drying out.

30. Whiten your finger or toe nails by soaking them in some lemon juice and olive oil.

31.  Get rid of acne by rubbing some lemon juice over your face twice per day. Allow it to sit for 10 minutes to kill the germs that cause acne, and then rinse with cool water.

32.  Kill weeds naturally by spraying them with lemon juice.

33.  Soften paintbrushes that have become hard by boiling lemon juice and water. Turn off the heat and add the brushes. Allow to sit for 15 minutes, and then wash the brushes in soap and water. Once dry, they will be soft as new.

34.  Give lemon juice mixed with a bit of water to someone who is suffering from a fever. The lemon juice will help them to sweat out the fever and break it naturally.

35.  Add one drop of lemon juice onto your regular toothpaste to help whiten teeth as well kill germs. Rinse your mouth with water after brushing.

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Natural Cleaners

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36. Rinse your scalp with lemon juice and water to kill dandruff.

37.  Add the lemon peels to the bottom of your trash can to help stop odors.

38. Dried lemon peels make great fireplace kindling and smell wonderful!

39.  Make your own fantastic window cleaner by mixing a bit of cornstarch, vinegar, lemon juice and water for a streak free shine!

40.  For a super foot rejuvenator, add some lemon juice to very warm water and soak your feet for some powerful foot relaxation.

41. To help dissolve uric acid (and avoid gout), drink lemon juice and water daily.

42.  Lemon juice can kill intestinal worms. Drink the juice of one lemon, mixed with some water, daily.

43. Lemons can improve breathing. The first person to reach the top of Mt. Everest, Edmund Hillary, stated that his success in reaching the top of this mountain was due to his consumption of lemons.

44.  Blood vessels are strengthened by the bioflavonoids in lemons, which means it can help to prevent internal hemorrhages and treat high blood pressure.

45. Remove the smell from wooden bowls and spoons by soaking them in some lemon juice and water.

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46. Clean your coffee maker by adding lemon juice and water to the water tank and allowing it to run through its normal cycle. Then run another cycle of plain water, and then wash the pot.

47.  Remove odors and stains from plastic storage containers by rubbing them with lemons, then allowing them to dry in the sun.

48. To prevent rice sticking, add one tablespoon of lemon juice to the water while the rice is being cooked. No more clumpy rice!

49. Make a super meat marinade by mixing lemon juice and your favorite oils and herbs. The lemon juice will slightly break down the meat so that your oil and spices can better penetrate it.

50. Stop skin rashes, such as poison ivy, by soaking a cotton ball in lemon juice and applying it directly to the affected area.

51. Ditch those toxic air fresheners. A bowl full of fresh lemons will add a splash of color and add natural fragrance to a room for days.

52.  Potassium is super beneficial to the heart and lowers blood pressure by removing salt from the blood stream. Lemons have more potassium than an apple or grapes!

53.  Because lemons were once very rare in certain regions of the world, they were often offered as gifts to kings! A few lemons in a pretty bowl or jar tied with a beautiful ribbon are also a great gift for friends!

54. Your liver simply loves lemons! They stimulate the production of bile and help the liver to detoxify itself.

55. Lemons are natural diuretics which can help to flush bacteria and toxins from the body. This means they can help treat edema, arthritis, and rheumatism.

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Ripe lemon hangs on tree branch in sunshine.

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56. Applying lemon juice to old burns and age spots can help to fade scars and other dark spots on the skin. Try rubbing a cut lemon on your elbows every night before bed.

57.  Lemon juice applied to bee stings or bug bites can help ease the sting and itch in minutes.

58.   Polish leather and remove grime by mixing two parts of olive oil with one part lemon juice. Rub this mixture on the leather, allow to soak in for 10 or 15 minutes, and then rub with a dry cloth.

59.  Ease the pain of a canker sore and help it heal more quickly by gargling or rinsing with a glass of water and the juice of half a lemon. Rinse with clear water afterwards.

60.  Get relief from a nasty cough or sore throat by sipping hot lemon water with honey.

61.  Mix three parts water with one part lemon juice and mop floors to repel spiders, roaches, and fleas.

62. Revive some limp lettuce by soaking the leaves in a bowl of cold water and the juice of one lemon. Leave this in the fridge for one hour, and then rinse your now crispy lettuce!

63.  Whiten those sneakers by spraying them with lemon juice and then letting them sit in the sun for a few hours.

64. Get rid of those ugly yellow underarms stains on clothing by saturating the area with lemon juice, then pouring salt on the area. Rub for a few moments, rinse with water, and then wash as usual.

65. Clean soap scum and hard water stains on your bathroom tile or glass shower door by dipping a half of a cut lemon in baking soda and rub over the glass or tile. Rinse with water afterwards.