A Watercress Salad May Be The Key To Good Health

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Can Watercress Actually Prevent Cancer and Heart Disease?

If you’re prone to suffer from heart disease or cancer, watercress has been shown not only to prevent further damage, but to also reverse it. In fact, many of the health benefits from watercress come from the micronutrients found inside the plant itself. To get them most out of this plant, doctors recommend that you eat one serving at least several times a week. Ingestion is by far the better method, as supplements seem to reduce the efficacy of the plant to some degree.

Part of the benefit has to do with the way nutrients are released. When you ingest the leaf, you break the plant down in your mouth through the process of chewing. This process actually activates some of the nutrients and begins the process before the watercress even hits your stomach. This process is actually supported by scientific data that shows enzymes released when watercress is chewed. These same studies have gone on to show that watercress has a wealth of health benefits including resistance to disease. Watercress boosts your immune system and helps you improve your immune response when exposed to viruses and bacteria.

The benefits of adding this simple plant to your diet are beyond anything you could imagine.


Want to Improve Your Health? Start Eating Watercress

If you want to sample a new leafy green that packs some amazing health benefits into your salad, give watercress a try.


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You may have to make more of an effort to find the green in your grocery store, but also try looking at a local farmer’s market. Once you do find it, you won’t be disappointed in the taste or the side effects.



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