Add This One Thing To Rice To Make It Much Healthier

Brown Rice

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If you love rice, but you don’t make it often because it is highly processed and has a high glycemic index, we have good news for you. Did you know that the effect food can have on your blood sugar levels can be altered when you add something to that food? It’s true! Although many cultures have known this for some time, it took a pair of scientists to recently discover this one little trick.

Two scientists from Sri Lanka, Dr. Pushparajah Thavarajah and Sudhair James, experimented with eight different recipes and more than 38 different types of rice. This pair of scientists found that the best way to increase the health factor of rice was to add coconut oil to the boiling water, then stirring in the uncooked rice. After cooking the rice was allowed to cool completely, and it was consumed after 12 hours had elapsed.

Even when the least healthy type of rice was made this way, the calorie count was reduced by as much as 12 percent. These two scientists did their research at the College of Chemical Sciences in Colombo. According to them, the calorie count of rice can be reduced even further by using the correct type of rice, prepared with coconut oil in the manner described above. Doing so can cut the calories by as much as 60 percent!

How does this work? Some schools of nutrition have taught for some time that mixing certain fats with high carb foods, such as rice, can lower the carb’s high glycemic index. Cooking rice with coconut oil and chilling the rice before consuming can cut calories because the process changes the actual chemical composition of the rice. Digestible starch now turns into indigestible starch (sometimes called resistant starch), so the rice does not get as easily turned into glucose. When we eat more glucose than the body can use, the body converts it into fat.

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