Antioxidants – 10 Myths Everyone Should Know

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When you shop at the grocery store, it seems that so many products today boast that they contain antioxidants. With our vision of being healthy, many people buy the products because of these claims. The problem is that some of the products have come under fire and were sued because of the claims they have made on their labels.

In addition, many medical professionals state that you have to watch how you consume antioxidants, or they will affect your health. Here are all of the things you thought were true about antioxidants. Keep these in mind the next time you read up about these powerful nutrients. There are 10 myths about antioxidants you thought were true.


1. All antioxidants are made up from vitamins

If you always thought that all antioxidants come from vitamins think again. There are thousands of antioxidants available but some of them are enzymes and others come from minerals. The one thing all antioxidants share is that they are able to cease the action initiated by free radicals. Free radicals are chemical pieces that are not stable and can create problems with the healthy parts of the good cells in your body. The unsafe chain reaction that can result could actually cause heart problems, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and cancer.


2. Berries and pomegranates are considered super fruits

Even though berries and pomegranates are powerful fruits, it has been proven that people who consume a variety of fruits and vegetables work together and result in a healthy compound. Don’t limit yourself to just these two foods.


3. If you take antioxidants make sure you take even more

This is the perfect way to show you that in some things a little bit can be good, but too much is not better. It can make things worse. Stay away from the megadoses of antioxidants as they have more than you need on a daily basis. If you take too many of these megadoses, they will become pro-oxiants and they will actually make more of the free radicals which will certainly hurt those who smoke or drink.

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