Are Some Foods Really Addictive?

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Which Food Are Addictive?

The unholy trinity of addictive foods is made up of sugar, fat and salt. Modern processed foods are FILLED with these three ingredients, many of them in just the right ratios to trigger the maximum dopamine release. This is why many people find it so difficult to eat just one potato chip, or just one pretzel, or just one cookie. The moment that first serving hits the tongue, the brain essentially receives a dopamine signal screaming, “This is good; give me more!”

Sugar, fat, and salt do occur naturally in whole foods like fruits, meat, vegetables, etc. … But they occur in their natural forms and context. They aren’t modified and tweaked in laboratories to make them more addictive the way they are in processed foods.

The ludicrous amounts of sugar and unnatural fats found in processed foods are directly linked to the obesity epidemic, an increased risk of cancer, and more. Salt is also one of the most overused ingredients and contributes to high blood pressure and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

How sensitive someone is to food addiction is determined in large part by genetics, but no one is totally immune. So what’s the solution?

When it comes to health and nutrition, oftentimes it’s what you DON’T eat that’s more important than what you do. Don’t eat junk food, fast food, soda, snack foods and candy, and you’re at least halfway there. Eliminating processed foods from your diet will put you far ahead of the majority of the population in terms of health.


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There are plenty of articles here detailing how to eat properly; use these as your guides to build a new and healthy diet. Make the decision to free yourself from unhealthy addictive foods.


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