Avoid Diabetes With This Killer Vitamin!

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It is becoming more and more widely acknowledged how important vitamin D is for maintaining optimal health. However, new research shows that this essential nutrient may be very beneficial for people at risk of developing diabetes. It turns out that vitamin D may help protect against insulin resistance. To understand what’s really going on here, a brief overview of vitamin D is necessary.


Understanding Vitamin D and Its Benefits

It’s actually somewhat of a misnomer to call vitamin D a “vitamin,” as it is actually a hormone. Vitamin D can be obtained through dietary sources and through exposure to sunlight, which causes the body to synthesize its own. It is essential for growing and maintaining strong bones and a healthy immune system. It also helps ward off depression, improve brain function, reduce blood pressure, and may even reduce the risk of cancer.

Despite the widely acknowledged importance of vitamin D, the majority of people around the world continue to be deficient. Living and working indoors and eating unhealthy diets have contributed to a global epidemic of vitamin D deficiency. People living with or at risk of developing diabetes may be worse off than most if they fail to get sufficient levels of vitamin D.

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