Best 15 Ways Ever To Use Sandalwood Oil (You Will Want To Know More About #10!)

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7. Disinfectant

Since sandalwood oil has disinfectant compounds, the fragrance keeps small insects and germs at bay, which is why you will see incense sticks, sprays and even evaporators being used to purify and disinfect larger areas.


8. Stops the Hiccups

This is a little-known use for sandalwood oil. If you get the hiccups and find that nothing seems to make them go away, try mixing a bit of sandalwood oil with a tablespoon of carrier oil such as grape seed oil or olive oil, and rub this mixture over your throat and diaphragm to relax the muscles that are spasming and causing the hiccups. Never eat or drink sandalwood oil!


9. Insomnia

Anytime you find you are having trouble sleeping, reach for your bottle of sandalwood oil. Place one or two drops on your fingertips and massage this oil into your forehead and temples. You can apply some to your chest as well to breathe in the calming scent. Remember that this is oil, so it can stain your sheets. Use an old pillowcase, and don’t use too much at one time!

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