Best Food Swaps for Healthier Eating

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If you are interested in eating healthy, then we have some super food swaps to help you in your endeavor. When you look around at the typical American diet, it’s simply appalling the way most people eat. However, some things, such as pasta for dinner and sugar in your morning coffee, are such a part of our culture that sometimes it’s hard to think about healthier substitutes.

So we have done a little homework and have found some of the best food swaps around. You might know some of these, but others are probably new to you. Although a few of them might sound strange, don’t knock them until you try them!


1.  Cakes, Cookies, or Candy

If you have a sweet tooth then these are probably staples in your house, but if you want to cut out or cut down on your sugar consumption, or if you want to remove gluten from your diet, then this is a great swap. You can make your own sweet treat by mixing a half cup of antioxidant rich berries (any berry that you like best will work; blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, etc.), add a handful of cacao nibs, then add just a dash of unsweetened coconut milk and you will have a super sweet treat that really satisfies but is super healthy.


2.  Pasta

You can easily swap spaghetti squash for pasta in any recipe and not only cut gluten out of your diet, but save tons of calories at the same time. For every cup of pasta that you replace with spaghetti squash, you can save about 180 calories! Squash is also loaded with healthy fiber, vitamin A, C, E, K, and some important minerals as well including calcium, manganese, and selenium.


3. Iceberg Lettuce

One of the great things about iceberg lettuce is that it’s loaded with water and almost no calories. Let’s be honest, though, this also means it has almost no flavor and few nutrients. Ditch the iceberg lettuce for a nice mix of spinach, romaine, Swiss chard, and a bit of young kale. Choosing leafy greens that are dark green will give you so much more nutrient power than plain old watery iceberg lettuce, not to mention, flavor galore!

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