Best Food Swaps for Healthier Eating

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4. White Rice

Although everyone loves rice and how versatile it is, the fact is, rice is high in arsenic and has been highly processed. Skip the rice and use cauliflower. This veggie has been linked in dozens of studies to a much lower risk of cancer and has tons of nutrition. Cauliflower will fight inflammation in the body, which can also lower your risk of brain or cardiovascular problems.


5.  Croutons

No salad is complete without those delicious, crunchy, garlicky croutons, right? If you want to cut gluten and saturated fats out of your diet, then it’s time to ditch the croutons. You don’t have to give up on crunch or flavor, however. Replace croutons with some nuts! Toasted nuts are a great salad topper that will give you plenty of crunch and flavor, not to mention, healthy fats! Pistachios are the lowest calorie nut but walnuts and almonds are loaded with vitamin E that is good for the brain and skin.


6.  Ice Cream

On a hot day, ice cream is a super cool treat. However, if you want to skip the dairy and sugar, then try this instead. Peel a banana and chop it into a few pieces. Put it on a piece of parchment paper and then put it on a cookie sheet or metal baking pan. Freeze it for several hours, then remove it and put the frozen banana in your blender or food processor. Some people like to add some cacao powder, but if you love bananas, then eat them plain. Frozen bananas taste exactly like ice cream, but they are so much healthier for you! Your kids will love this!


7. Vegetable Oil(s)

If you use corn oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, or cottonseed oil, then you are using GM products. Use natural coconut oil instead! Even olive oil would be a better choice than any of these other oils. Coconut oil can help you burn more fat and increase your energy output by as much as 5 percent. Coconut oil will lower your cholesterol levels, which will lower your risk of developing heart disease.

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