Best Foods to Eat for a Heavy Metal Detox

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  It is so easy in our modern world to become contaminated with heavy metals. We literally breathe them, eat them, and absorb them every day. You can limit your toxic load, but it’s virtually impossible to remove all toxins from our lives anymore. Candida and bad bacteria literally seep toxins out into our bodies as part of their own nature. Doing a detox twice per year can help cleanse the body, but to avoid toxic buildup, you can keep your toxic load to a minimum by eating certain foods that will help remove heavy metals from your body daily; simply by eating (or drinking)!

Take a look at the best foods you can include in your daily diet that will not only give your body much needed nourishment, but will cleanse your body at the same time.


1. Garlic

It’s on every list, isn’t it? The active compound in garlic, allicin, is what provides the main healing aspect of garlic. Garlic will help protect your from the severity of viruses, such as flus and colds, lowers cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and is a powerful antioxidant. As if this were not enough, garlic also has antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-parasitic compounds. Garlic will also bind heavy metals and allow them to be removed from the body. You can get all these benefits simply by eating two or three slightly crushed cloves each day. Always use organic garlic (and garlic not imported from China) for best results.


2. Herbs and Spices

There are many herbs and spices that you can use to help remove heavy metals. These include cloves, milk thistle, turmeric, and cinnamon. All of these have other health benefits besides detox, so don’t be afraid to spice things up in your kitchen and use organic spices liberally.

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