Which is the Best Oil to Use for Oil Pulling?

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

Although oil pulling has been around for thousands of years, it seems as if it’s all over mainstream news and internet blogs lately.  If you have been practicing this, then you already know how clean and white it makes your teeth, not to mention the detoxifying effects it has on your health. If you don’t know about it, now is the time to check it out. Keep reading to find out what oil pulling is and which is the best oil to use.


What exactly is oil pulling?

Oil pulling sounds like something your mechanic would do to your car, but the truth is, oil pulling is an old remedy that uses oil to clean and whiten teeth, as well as pull toxins from the body, especially the teeth and gums. Find out top 10 benefits of oil pulling.


How do you do it?

It’s very easy. Put about 2 tablespoons of oil in your mouth for about 20 minutes each day and just swish it around, similar to the way you would use mouthwash. Some people like adding two drops of oregano essential oil to help kill even more germs.

In much the same way you use oil to clean your skin, oil inside your mouth cuts through plaque, remove toxins, and kills bacteria without any damage to your gums or teeth. The word “pulling” confuses some people because you aren’t actually pulling oil out of your mouth, but rather, you are pulling toxins and bacteria out of the body with the oil. Oil swishing or oil rinsing might be better terms.

You want to be sure you keep the oil in your mouth long enough for it to absorb the bacteria and plaque, but not so long that your body begins to reabsorb the toxins. 20 minutes is usually sufficient. The oil should be white and thick but creamy when you spit it out. Then rinse with plain water. Then you should do your normal flossing and brushing routine. You only need to this once per day; most people do it first thing in the morning while they are in the shower, getting dressed, etc.

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