The Best Vegetable for Detox

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This doesn’t mean that beet juice, however, is without value. Beet juice allows Betaine to stay intact. It is this substance that encourages the liver to remove toxins. The bile ducts in your liver are vital for the proper functioning of the liver and Betaine defends and supports their function. Betaine is said by some to lower the risk of inflammation and therefore decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. By lowering inflammation in the body, all bodily functions can work better. Read also about juice mixers that cleanse your liver.

Beets have also been linked to an actual healing of the liver, a significant improvement in the production of stomach acid, the prevention of free radicals, and a decrease in homocysteine. Beets have also been shown to offer protection from colon, spleen, lung, skin, and liver cancer. Although these specific types of health benefits are not specifically linked to the detoxification of the liver, they do allow your body to work more efficiently overall. All systems in your body are interlinked and rely upon each other to function properly. Although indirectly, they do help your liver rid itself of toxins and continue to work at the highest possible levels.


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If you are looking for a natural way to improve your overall health, as well as allow your liver to function properly while providing a powerful source of detoxification, then you can’t lose by adding beets into your diet as often as possible.


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  1. Horseman

    Feb 6, 2015 at 2:17 pm

    Beets also have a lot of sugar in them. Table sugar used to be made out of beets. Maybe it still is.

    • Marc Chatow

      Jun 13, 2015 at 12:34 am

      Better beets than soda! 😉

  2. Marc Chatow

    Jun 13, 2015 at 12:35 am

    They are packed with potassium, folates, fiber, and strong antioxidants. Beets have a substance called Betaine, which has been found to lower inflammatory markers, help the liver process fats, and protect the liver from damage. The antioxidant pigment beets contain, called betacyanin, which is what gives beets their reddish purple color, is also responsible for a wide range of other health benefits.
    Beets are fantastic anti-inflammatories that protect you from disease and aging. They phytonutrient in beets, proanthocyanidins, is a powerful anti-cancer substance as well. Beets are high in fiber, which have been shown to help prevent stomach and colon cancer. The vitamin C in beets also improves the immune system. Find out more sources of vitamin C.
    Beets are high in pectin, a type of fiber that helps clear out the toxins that the liver has removed. Beets are best eaten raw so that the fiber content can do its job. You can add beets into other dishes, to salads, or they can be baked or roasted as well.