Simple Juice Mixes that will Cleanse Your Liver

Everyone depends on their liver to clean toxins from our bodies. Our current lifestyles, packed with so much stress and toxic foods, all wreak havoc on your livers ability to remove toxins.

So by cleansing the liver, you can help one of your most important organs function much better by producing more effective bile. Detoxifying your liver helps it remove toxins and break down fats more successfully. Did you know that juicing vegetables enables your body to absorb all the nutrients? You can also get all your necessary daily vegetable requirements quickly and easily, and yes, you should be juicing daily. Those 7 day detox “diets” you have read about simply aren’t enough. Pollutants and toxins enter your body every day so you need to feed your body healthy juice to keep your liver working at its optimum level.

Dieting. Balanced Diet Based On Raw Organic Vegetables

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Should you be unfortunate enough to have a liver that is not working to its full capacity or if you doctor has told you that your liver has higher than normal enzyme levels, it is especially important for you to use raw juices on a daily basis to try to cleanse the liver and restore it to its proper functioning level.  You might experience the benefits of raw juice blends in a matter of days or perhaps it will take a few months, especially for those of you with more severe liver malfunctions such as diabetes, or cirrhosis.  Many people who also have experience problems with their gallbladders and gall stones have said they experienced healing after drinking raw juice combinations daily.

Although there are many fruits and vegetables that can get the job done, dandelion greens and other bitter greens such as turnip and mustard greens, chard, and kale are among some of the most effective at the job of detoxification of the liver.  Bitter greens can keep the liver working properly when used regularly. Celery is another helpful vegetable, since it is a known diuretic, it can help the kidneys in removing the toxins that the liver has passed into the urine. Adding ginger to your detox juice mix will get rid of both inflammation and harmful bacteria’s. Beets are also well known for their cleansing abilities. Beets will increase the livers production of bile, through the gall bladder, and will keep things flowing consistently. Lemons are another great liver stimulator via the acids that activate hormones.


Ok, so here is your first recipe for a great detoxifying juice for your liver.

Add to your juicer the following:

  •       4 or 5 inches of fresh organic ginger
  •       2 organic lemons
  •       1 bunch of organic dandelion greens
  •       1 head of organic celery
  •       5 large organic carrots
  •       Optional: 2 Granny Smith apples to help sweeten the mix. Find out juicing guide before.


Another great recipe you should try:

  •       2 medium organic beets
  •       2 cups organic blueberries
  •       2 large organic carrots
  •       1 large apple
  •       1 cup pure coconut water
  •       2 inch piece of fresh organic garlic
  •       ½ cup raw organic broccoli
  •       1 whole lemon

Chop ginger, beets, apple, carrots, and lemon into 1 inch cubes. Put these through your juicer, alternating with handfuls of blueberries. Halfway through add half of the coconut water. Continue juicing until you have a total of 4 cups of juice. You can add ice if you like or leave it all at room temperature, but either way, drink immediately or within a few hours at most.

One last thing, don’t use juicing as an excuse to skip meals. Vegetable juices are healthy and detoxifying, yes, but they should not be used in place of meals. The body needs clean; healthy proteins and a little fat to operate properly, so don’t fast by drinking juices only, and don’t skip on healthy meals. Beaware of the unhealthiest “healthy” foods.



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  1. Gabe

    Nov 30, 2014 at 2:37 pm

    Remember, chew your juice and consume slowly, so to not flood your system with too much sugar. One cup at a time, throughout the day.