Best Ways to Treat Tennis Elbow/Computer Elbow Naturally

Woman Having Massage In The Spa Salon

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6. Massage

This is another great way of bringing blood to the area to speed healing. A qualified massage therapist will massage not only the elbow area, but your shoulder, forearm, wrist and hand as these areas are often damaged as well because they are overused due to the pain you feel in your elbow. Call a local physical therapist for a recommendation to be sure you get the best massage possible. Find out danger signs that you have poor blood circulation and how to fix it.


7. Physical Therapy

A few visits with a physical therapist can make all the difference in the world. They can most likely determine how you damaged the tendon and suggest other ways of doing things so that you don’t continue wreaking havoc on your elbow, and they can show you exercises and ways that you can heal and strengthen your elbow to avoid a reoccurrence.

The earlier you begin treating the problem the more quickly your elbow can heal itself. If all else fails, however, see an orthopedist.

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