Big Pharm Loses Out To One Little Berry

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An extract made from the European Black Elderberry, or Sambucus Nigra, which grows across Europe and North America, has been used for centuries to treat respiratory illnesses such as the common cold and influenza. This natural remedy, used by ancient healers, fell out of favor with the introduction and marketing of cold and flu medications in the modern age. But are today’s over the counter medicines more effective in treating the flu than natural herbs and extracts which were used by ancient healers?

People in western societies today quickly head to the drugstore at the first symptom of the flu, to buy one or more of many over-the-counter (OTC) medications they hope will bring them relief.  While the flu can become a serious illness and everyone should consult their medical practitioner for advice before self-treating any illness, it seems to be the norm for people to self-medicate with these over the counter chemicals and get to bed ASAP.  Every year as soon as flu season hits we see mass-produced, chemically laden OTC flu remedies pushed on consumers via the advertisements that inundate them daily. You may have felt the need to take such medications for flu, even though like many people, you suffer from side-effects as a consequence of using them.

You may even be aware that every year there are deaths reported, which result from accidental over-dose, poisoning or miss-use of these FDA approved drugs. It’s become enough of a concern that many people wonder, if the risks associated with these drugs are worth the limited relief from symptoms that they provide. So why do so many people continue to take the same flu and cold medicines season after season, when they know these drugs can’t cure them or heal them any faster than not taking them at all?

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