Cannabis Infused Coffee – Talk About A Wake-Up Call!

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If someone should bring up cannabis and coffee, you might think that they were referring to shops in the Netherlands. Coffee shops there have long been serving both to customers with no problems. This idea is suddenly catching fire in the US where cannabis-infused coffee is becoming a trend that is hard to ignore.

To answer your first question, yes, pot infused coffee will get you high. One coffee company based out of Los Angeles, is marketing one brand of coffee bean grown in Ethiopia as an “herb conditioned” coffee bean. The company is exposing unroasted coffee beans to ingredients that have been vaporized at a low combustion point. This literally infuses the bean with whatever flavor they choose, in this case, pot. The company, Compelling & Rich, also makes oolong tea and chai tea flavor infused coffee.

Another company, this one out of Washington state, is producing marijuana laced coffee at a plant that is across the Columbia River in the state of Oregon. Fairwinds Manufacturing markets their brand of coffee under the name Catapult Cannabis Coffee. Be forewarned, however, this coffee is not cheap. Typical pot infused coffee is going for about $10 for one pod that fits into those cartridge based coffee makers.

Fairwinds also infuses their beans with cannabis, but they use cannabis oil. This isn’t as simple as just spraying the oil on the beans as you may think. However, the oil needs to be made in such a way that the oil will mix with the water for the coffee beans, not just lie on top in the way that most oils do.

One San Francisco company, House of Jane, produces a large lineup of what they call “medicinal gourmet” fine edibles, teas, and coffee. This company markets their coffee as a means of relieving stress and pain. There are even decaf versions and varying levels of CBD and THC levels to suit your needs. This means that you can have a decaf coffee that is intended to completely mellow you out after work or choose the strongest caffeinated dose for times when you need to be alert and focused.

Looking at cannabis this way is an entirely new path for this age old plant. Even cooking is taking on a new edge. Say goodbye to plain old brownies or butter laced with pot, cooking with cannabis is now going mainstream and becoming not only lucrative, but a legitimate culinary art. Skilled chefs at respectable restaurants are creating cannabis infused food and drink creations and getting paid handsomely for it.

Washington state is one of 4 states in America which allows for both medicinal and recreational cannabis sales. In addition to “Mary Jane” stores, there is a very large cannabis bakery that will open this year in Seattle.

For dispensaries, this is like pouring honey over sugar. Pot infused coffee is a high sales novelty item that people appear to enjoy purchasing as a gift item. It pulls the curious and light or non-users into stores. Cannabis infused coffee offers sales possibilities that conventional pot does not.


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In case you haven’t heard, there is a 2006 online cannabis based cookbook filled with hundreds of thousands of recipes from users called The Stoners Cook Book.

Of course, if $10 for a few cups of pot laced coffee sounds a bit steep, keep in mind how much you pay for a plain old big bucks coffee and it suddenly doesn’t seem so out of the ordinary.