Kill Brain Cancer With This One Thing (We Tell You How To Do It!)

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The Journals of Cancer recently published a study which found that a number of chemical agents in garlic produce both reactive oxygen and free radical cells which kill certain types of brain cancer cells. Cancer cells have increased metabolism because they divide rather quickly, which means that in order to continue to maintain that metabolism, they have high energy needs. Both of the kinds of cells in garlic are known to deprive cancer cells of energy, causing them to die.

No doubts that garlic is one of the true gifts from nature as the reactive oxygen found in garlic is very toxic to cancer cells. People who live in the Mediterranean have used copious amounts of this plant in their diet and through the ages they have shown much lower rates of both heart disease and cancer as a result. Researchers have been studying garlic for years attempting to explain and understand its benefits.

The most invasive and common type of brain cancer is called glioblastoma. This type of brain tumor starts in the glial cells within the brain and found in about 20 percent of all head tumors and 52 percent of all brain tissue tumors diagnosed.

Since glioblastoma is a high invasive surgery it is not always possible or sometimes it is just not the best answer. Radiation and chemotherapy is generally recommended by doctors but both of these choices will cause damage to the healthy cells of the brain, as well as the cancer cells. Studies have found that most patients die within 15 months of diagnosis without treatment, and even those who submit to chemotherapy and/or radiation find that 90 percent of all subjects die within 10 years after treatment.

Your doctor will probably not tell you that garlic contains compounds called organo-sulphur compounds which cause damage to the glioblastoma cells but have no effect on healthy cells. These compounds in garlic give scientists new hope that garlic might be able to do what chemotherapy cannot: Treat glioblastoma without causing damage to healthy brain cells.

Another study, published in the American Cancer Society Journal revealed that three of the garlic compounds – DAS, DADS, and DATS – can enter glioblastoma cells and interrupt their growth. It was found that among those three compounds DATS are the most powerful.

Garlic also contains sulphone hydroxyl ions, which can enter the brain itself, something that many compounds cannot do. This study can be viewed as a true breakthrough in the treatment of brain cancer. It appears that finally scientists admit the importance that plants can play in the treatment of many diseases, including this terrible brain cancer.

Allyl Sulphur compounds that are found in garlic can induce selective toxicity to malignant cancer cells while leaving normal cells alone. This leaves the patient with minimum or no side effects. Allyl Sulphur also interferes with the metabolism of a type of DNA based protein called histone. These organic Sulphur compounds have low molecular weight, they easily pass through the cell membranes and enter the brain tissue directly. Natural compounds, such as the ones found in garlic, are much better tolerated by the body than any artificial or chemical formula man can invent.


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How can YOU use garlic? For optimum effect, start with fresh, organic garlic. Peel off a clove and allow it to reach room temperature if you have been keeping it in the fridge. Remove the dry, paper skin and then crush the garlic slightly. Allow it to sit for about 15 minutes. It is during this time that the garlic is releasing a powerful enzyme called alliinase. This enzyme is what causes the formation of the brain protecting, cancer killing organo-sulphur compounds.

Eat two of these cloves each day and add more to your meals for best results.




  1. Michael Munson

    Dec 30, 2017 at 1:18 pm

    Has anyone reported this approach actually shrinking GBM tumors? I have a good friend who was diagnosed with GBM 18 months ago, and appears to be losing his battle with it. He doesn’t have much longer, so it’s desperation time.

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