Chamomile Tea Lowers The Risk Of One Very Big Cancer

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Everyone loves the taste of sweet, mild chamomile tea, and for anyone with insomnia, this tea can be a godsend. However, a recent study has everyone buzzing about what else this tiny little flower can do for us: Lower the risk of thyroid cancer.

As far back as Roman times (and perhaps even before that!) chamomile has been used in extracts, tinctures, and teas to encourage a sense of calm, relaxation, and bring about more restful sleep. It was even used in ancient times to bring out the highlights in light-colored hair and even out skin tones. Chamomile is still used for all of these things — even today! However, chamomile can do so much more for the body than simply lighten our hair and encourage good digestion.

A study recently published in the European Journal of Public Health showed that regular consumption of chamomile can greatly reduce the risk of developing thyroid cancer. Although thyroid cancer can usually be treated with radioactive iodine or surgery, you know the old saying: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

This study split more than 500 subjects into three groups. The first group was made up of subjects who had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. The second group was subjects who were cancer-free, and the third group was subjects who had a history of benign thyroid disease. Each group answered a detailed questionnaire about things such as their dietary habits, general lifestyle habits, medical history, and beverage consumption, including soda, coffee, tea, juice, and sports drinks.

Scientists found the group that stated they consumed the highest amounts of chamomile tea had the lowest risk of developing thyroid cancer, and the percentage was significant! Those who consumed between two to six cups of chamomile tea each week had a 70 percent lower risk of developing this type of cancer! In fact, for those who had been consuming this amount of chamomile tea over a 30-year or longer period, the risk was 80 percent less than people who drank one cup or less of chamomile tea.

Although numerous studies have been done with black tea or green tea and their relationship to disease,  there have been no studies done regarding the consumption of herbal teas and disease to date.

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