Colds And The Flu: Do You Know The Difference? Infographic

Cold weather is here again, and it means that we have a higher risk of getting sick. Everyone knows that it’s not fun, and trying to determine what exactly hit you can be quite difficult. While it’s always necessary to see a doctor and let them determine your diagnosis and the correct treatment, knowing the difference between the common cold and the flu is always useful.

Take a closer look at the infographic below to learn about the basic key points which will help you do so.

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  1. Anthony Cook

    Jan 2, 2017 at 6:44 pm

    Colds and flu are no problem, have a hot bath/shower and go to bed for a few days if necessary. Take anti-viral and immune-support herbs (herbal tinctures) like cats claw, olive leaf, andrographis, and a dash of ginger. Mix up a 2nd bottle of thyme and licorice to ease the cough. Don’t exceed maximum safe daily dosages; to be safe, consult a naturopath; Bob’s your auntie.
    You can also make up a killer hot drink of raw fresh ginger, garlic, honey, & vitamin-c powder (unsweetened) in good-quality hot water (not town tap-water). Add the honey and vit-c last when the drink’s cooled down a little.
    Stay as warm as you can and try to bring on a fever. Drink lots of good-quality water throughout the day. Relax. When it runs its course you’ll feel great.
    Adopt a healthy lifestyle before it happens so your body is able to safely handle it. Don’t get flu shots, or any shots, they’re a last-resort placebo that do more harm than good and are only for people who don’t take care of their own health.