Detox Your Underarms and Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer

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If you have ever been sick and found that you had a lump develop in your armpit or neck, then you have felt your lymph nodes at work. Your lymph nodes are part of your immune system, removing bacteria and other pathogens from your body. When you use chemically laden deodorants, you are putting hormone interrupting and carcinogenic substances directly on top of your lymph nodes, which absorb these chemicals directly through the skin.

Your skin is your largest organ. Whatever we place on our skin goes directly into the blood stream. With the ever increasing rates of breast cancer, doesn’t it make sense that we should avoid putting toxic chemicals in this area?  The American Cancer Society stated that in 2013, more than 39,000 women would die from breast cancer that year. For women, breast cancer is the #2 killer of women, second only to lung cancer.

The President’s Cancer Panel made a report in 2010 entitled “Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk: What Can We Do Now,” which stated that environmental factors were being ignored by the American Cancer Society and that it would be much more effective to prevent cancer rather than attempt to treat it after it develops.

So while you are whipping up your new batch of natural deodorants, this would be the perfect time to do an armpit detox, which will help pull some of those chemicals out of the skin and breast tissue.


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Many people state that after they do this detox program, they notice much less odor from their armpits, even without using any deodorant at all, as well as less sweat overall.

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